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The Origins of a Healthy Development of Personality

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One of the facts that are believed to be contained in the origin of the development of personality is the manifestation of the life force in the body-the rise of life energy. Personality is generally assessed by the body’s symmetry, beautiful face, but this belief is confused. If a person is black and ugly but balanced by eating food, then he is seen to be in control of health.

So a healthy person is seen to be the master of efficacious personality. Whereas a beautiful person with a face-stamp appears to be diseased, depressed, languid, dead and fallen, lazy, broken.

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If the heart is full of hope and enthusiasm, enthusiasm and courage can be a part of nature, if you get used to laughing, then nature-nature becomes attractive. Although the texture of such a person is ugly, he instinctively attracts everyone and wherever he goes, his presence makes the atmosphere impressive. The outer appearance of Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Not be called beautiful but no one can deny his influential personality, the intelligence that split off organs.

In fact, our face is a reflection of mindset. In the eyes of the eyes, the state of the inclination and the good report of that area keeps telling the audience without speaking. Nature has made some arrangements that can be seen by looking at the person’s sentiments, dignity, methodology and how much water is in it. For the external body of the body to be efficacious, the body and mind should be molded in such a way that it can also introduce specificity in the absence of beauty, decoration, education, etc. It is the second condition that makes the person weighty.

This phenomenon is called by gentle name, gentleness, well-being, etc. The quality, karma, and the depth of this nature, which is deeply entrenched in nature, gives a lesson to the passer-by, in which quantity of childbirth went home and how much the emergence of the attributes found in the weighty persons became involved.

Famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, while interpreting the energy of interdisciplinary ‘libido’ in his own words, said, ‘Do not know why this fact does not bother the intellectuals that they are more vulnerable than cerebral miracles, while developing their inner consciousness If ‘Self’ can be made to a higher level then there will be no complaint against ” on ” and no hope – Expect will have the same. ‘

This statement holds great importance when discussing the wider comprehensive development of a person. Here he is indicating that we must take care of a special thing that the biggest thirst of the spiritual field is of close affinity, which is called goodwill friendship in practice. In ancient times, it was called nectar. Friendship retinue should also grow and the atmosphere should also be created. But not as it is, nowadays, being a friend, the fate of conducting an enemy is to defame that holy word. These days, prosperity has got the highest regard. Consequently, the accumulation and performance of wealth have become a center for the aspiration and readiness of the masses.

In the same way, the mischief-makers of misery and sorrow-ravaged have developed. Consequently, extinctions went on increasing. The flow will be reversed the next day and the public consciousness must agree to think that he should go to the ideals, embrace intercession for it and get guidance from the motivation.


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