The Outcome of Teenage Pregnancy and a Single Motherhood

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In as much as the men who impregnant these young women are willing to go through the situation with them, for whichever reason, they suffer from much more damage than meets the eye; both physical and emotional. Most of these men are below 25 years and lack health insurance to cover costs of pregnancy and delivery and as such the women, if not supported, may not obtain good medical care in the trying period. Notably, most teens prefer C-section to natural delivery but in situations where medical facilities are inadequate or totally unavailable, deaths occur. This mostly affects girls of below 15 years as they have weakly developed pelvis. Unsurprisingly, in a scale of 10, 8 teenage fathers will abandon the mother of their child leaving the ladies as single mothers. In the article The Effect of Teenage Pregnancy Clinic and Multidiciplinary Approach on The Outcome of Teenage Pregnancy, the author further explains that “Single motherhood affects the women’s social status due to lack of social support since early pregnancy is often viewed as unethical. In turn, the victims sink into depression resulting in multiple cases of female teenagers committing suicide.”

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Moreover, something most teenagers fail to remember when engaging in sex, is the thought of possibility of a pregnancy. The thoughts should revolve around the child that may be born and the effects it may have on the respective families. Some may not be afraid of a disease or infection but fail to think of the implications their actions may have on a life. They fail to remember that they may pass the HIV virus to the fetus or even contract a different STD. After childbirth, the child will be less likely stimulated through affectionate behaviors. The mother will be less sensitive towards the needs of the child. If there is enough social support for the mother, the effect would result in anger towards the child and depend on punishment as the only mode of correction. While others drink during pregnancy, they fail to realize the risk of developmental disabilities and behavioral problems that they are exposing their children to. According to a survey, boys born from teenage women is likely to go to prison while girls born from such mothers are much likely to become teenage mothers as well .

Funnily, most of these women don’t realize how difficult it is to bring up a child alone, that is in a right and safe environment that you always wish for them, until it gets late. When things get tough, they are forced to turn to their families and particularly their parents for support. As such, one is advised to first think of their background families before embarking on irresponsible behavior. In schools, girls and boys are taught to always consider their parents respect with regard to their upbringing and always aspire to maintain the same respect or at best make it soar higher. Upon discovering that a child is sexually active, parents are forced to guide them in decision-making and in turn, the whole family is directly affected by the consequences. When younger siblings of the victim are affected, they start to lose focus and may soon fail to stress the significance of education, and choose to embrace accept it as human sexual occurrence. 

Eventually, most of them join the chain of misery and lead stressful and difficult lives. What they fail to remember is that, they should make decisions for themselves and not out of influence from others. As an individual, the final decision should always be yours, and it only comes once! At least, when you are one who did the choosing, you won’t regret it. 

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