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The Overview of Cultural Case Studies

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Which US-American values and assumptions drive the change in policy? How do these values make the policy be perceived as “logical” in US corporate business practice?

Based on the synopsis of the provided “World Ship” case study, the US-American values or assumption on policy changes is that the same will help the organization become far more productive. As provided, the policy categorizes clients into three groups based on the revenue generated by them. The sales personnel then provide attention according to the groupings. On this regard, the US corporate field perceives the policy as entirely logical since the clients are still entitled to all the help they might require. The same policy will also help the sales representatives reduce the amount of time wasted on numerous visits to perform tasks that are more productive. The idea according to the Americans is that organizations need to maximize on productivity by investing more on their businesses (Kelm & Risner, 2007, pg. 19).

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Which values and cultural patterns in Brazil are in tension with this policy? How does this tension become expressed in behaviors?

Unlike the Americans that value investing in their businesses to maximize productivity, the Brazilians are more interested in business relationships alongside dealing with suppliers and customers on a one-on-one basis. The Brazilians are technically accepting the new policy but are culturally challenged because they believe in socialization and the outcomes of the same. According to the case, it is the Brazilian way of doing business when people mingle; it makes them feel special. Such tension result to frustrations. With frustrations, clients would tend to create new socio-business models that directly affect the finances of the business (Laihonen, Lönnqvist & Metsälä, 2015).

How can the tensions between values patterns and policy be reconciled?

The law and nature of doing business has it that the cost of acquiring a new customer is greater than maintaining a customer that is already existing. However, it is worth noting that the addition of customers will lead to the growth of any business and that is the most important factor. Such growth would only be hindered if a business organization does not find the appropriate channel of keeping its customers happy while avoiding sacrificing creativity, service, and quality in the process (Kelm & Risner, 2007, pg. 20). If an organization faces such challenges as ‘World Ship,” it would be important to create a customer strategy that would nurture and foster the customer relationship that already exists (Management, 2017). The action steps should include:

Reconsidering the services

Most companies, according to research, lose sight of offered service. Customers need the best of services without discrimination. The reason why customers go for products is trust and quality ensuring that both are provided at all times is most important for any business. Communication between the management and clients should be clearly simple yet productive. Issues arising should also be solved effectively and quickly. Another factor related to service provision is being transparent. In business, it is frustrating for one to be evasive as much as it may be when one is deceived or confused. Customers would want to know what is happening with their interactions with the managers or activities in their accounts with a lot of transparency. Anything wrong should be clearly communicated to the clients and mistakes rectified. Looking like a fraud or operating outside the scope of the customers is a quick way to lose the customers through eradication of trust (Cuozzo, et al., 2017).

Personalization of the relationship and working smarter

Worldwide, customers need assurance that they matter be it online or in person. To ensure that the feeling is sustained, businesses need to a relationship that is more personalized with the customers. To achieve such a relationship, companies should use Customer Relationship Management tools. Instead of maintaining customer information via paper files and spreadsheets, such Customer Relationship Management tools will store data related to the customer including their buying routine and preferences. With the tools, communication and a proper relationship will be maintained. However, in our case, conferencing schedules should be made so that customers have time to converse with the management. It is worth noting that customer’s way of communication should always be preferable (Barrett, 2017).

Regarding working smarter, the management of marketing and sales should be automatic and simultaneous. Considering marketing automation would be important. Instead of manually managing the email addresses of customers, an organization can use tools that automate leads then transfer them into different sales cycle stages while ensuring that the interaction with customers is personalized. In case “world Ship” practices account-based marketing, it would be important to consider new accounts for its personal projects as well as tracking its progress using management software. As a result, sales representatives, marketers, and managers will be informed about the progress of accounts using a single source platform that has an added advantage of workflow automation (Chang, 2006, pp. 271).

Solving the problem and encouraging referrals

The reason why “world ship” existed as a business is that a problem was identified and solved. A continuation of the same activity in a proper manner will make customers trust the business with the same problem repeatedly with the key being that the company continues to listen to the problems of the client (Assignment, 2017). In such a way, the business organization will adapt and innovate instead of preaching what it is that the company specializes in. the company needs to determine the areas that the customers suffer most and consider finding solutions to the same. Steps towards solving company issues begin with the encouragement of referrals. Referral bonuses and reward programs will encourage clients appreciate the steps made by the business and thus bring them new clients. As the company works on growing the business while tracking the already existing clients and trying to coax new ones, it is important to note that the marketing of relationships is vital. As mentioned before, the best method to nature and foster the existing relationships alongside acquiring new customers is getting personal, being transparent, and employing automated processes and systems (Agatha, 2010).


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