The Peculiarities of the Romantic Era in Literature

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During the Romanic period, many different forms of writing and thinking came into fruition. This 18th and 19th century movement brought many artists, authors, architects, and musicians into the light. In the late 1700's the appreciation of nature was the main focus in literature, this helped exemplify the aspect of love for all things. This love was also a main theme in many of the literary works that we know of today. The Romantic Period stemmed from this and many authors used it to reflect on society. With love, there was also the aspect of death and how they coupled each other. Poems and other forms of art used many forms of symbolism to show these aspects.

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Many authors helped shaped the Romantic Period, authors such as William Blake, Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Samuel Coleridge, Lord Byron, William Wordsworth and John Keats. These authors made the Romantic period what it is, having written ballads, poems, and novels not to influence others, but to show them what the world is about. The Romantic Period is similar to the Renaissance Era, because of the way it rapidly spread throughout Europe as all the authors of the period had been going through a very similar transition in expression. These authors expressed their emotions in their writings about everything going on in their society. Many writers began exploring the deeper meaning of life, and what it really meant.

Novels like that of Frankenstein were influential to modern literature and the literature of the time. Frankenstein exposed the inner evils of society and how desperate we are for love despite how we are externally. Throughout the voyage of the character's huge experiment there is a hint that Mary Shelly highlights that human creations no matter the intentions can always come as an outcome of something horrible. Although the whole novel is about how society can be ugly, disgraceful, and highly opinionated I found an ambiguous theme to it through the multiple point of views it has within the novel. This novel really clears the air of what was going on within society as a whole through showing the experience of a monster out in the open closely relating to the authors past experiences during the period.

The Songs of Innocence was a depiction what the world was like in all its glory and how society fit into this world. The Songs of Experience are about how experience ruins the innocence. In The Songs of Innocence the author of the period really took their time to acknowledge the things that go unnoticed every day in life. They gave meaning to every single action given or taken. Authors spent more time reminiscing and appreciating the world. They talk about the grief and loss in our world and are the opposite of innocence. Human experience and adulthood exhaust the life we live. Our ambitions ruin our youth and changes the way we think at the same time. Experience opens our eyes to see how horrible the world we live in is. A world full of evil and these things do a number on our minds and our soul. In The Sick Rose, a woman's death is brought on by an invisible worm that entered the woman's bed. Disease is synonymous to the worm and kills indiscriminately, however, the worm can also mean a man's penis and how sex can destroy innocence and her life. Love can be described as a sickness, as goes the expression "madly in love". It can be the death of us as we willingly sacrifice everything to have it. Roses are characterized as innocent and symbolizes love, but when the man enters her life, he destroys everything innocent about her. Her experience ends her innocence, her flower, with the man's deadly disease as he laid with her in her bed.

Ode on Melancholy, this is a poem about life and death and revolves around a melancholic tone. In his poem he says to feel happy in life you first have to experience sadness and grief. Without negative emotions, there can be no positive. This poem was written in his perspective of the word "melancholy". This poem causes you to realize the negative and positive connotations about life and how our feelings make up who we are. He examines his feelings a little closer than any other person would, and he uses many comparisons in this poem to help readers better understand what he is talking about. Keats delves deep into the many aspects of our lives and when writing this poem.

The Romantic Period was made up of many authors and writings, but one of the main aspects that were apparent was that love and death were synonymous. This message is clear in almost all the stories written during this time. Love is a poison that spreads to everyone, no one is safe from its touch. Like a disease it seeps deep into your body and into your mind. This is what Romanticism was about, the knowledge that with life and love, there is also death waiting.

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