The Perfect Blueprint For A Successful Family System

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Family Lessons from Aayahs 1 to 5:

Encourage and help each other to achieve Taqwa through the establishment of Salaah and spending from what Allaah has provided for each member.

Study the Qur’aan together and frequently remind one another about the certainty of the Hereafter.

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Make constant Dua to Allaah for His Guidance and strive to promote a successful family life.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 6 to 20:

Heed each other’s advice and learn from previous mistakes.

Avoid lying or deceiving one another.

Show appreciation for each other and be content with what is in your possessions.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to never take away His Light of Guidance.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 21 to 29:

Always fulfill your promises to one another.

Spend quality time together pondering upon the beauty found in Nature.

The children should avoid acts of disobedience towards the parents and vice versa.

Make constant Dua to Allaah for a family reunion in Jannatul Firdaos and protection from hell fire.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 30 to 39:

Each member should realize his/her role as a Khaleefah in the family unit.

When in tough situation(s), remind each other that Allaah is the Most Knowledgeable & the Most Wise.

Remember that arrogance & pride are great catalysts to fast family destruction.

When a member makes a mistake or offends another, remember to apologize and seek forgiveness quickly.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to save the family from the trick and temptations of shaytaan.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 40 to 48:

No one is above the law — Parents & children should hold each other to similar standards.

Never lose your patience when dealing with each other.

Never demonstrate favoritism or discrimination among one another.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to ease your affairs on the Day when each member will be responsible for himself/herself.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 49 to 59:

Be mentally prepared for individual and collective trials from your Lord.

Never worship anything or anyone except Allaah (The Most High).

Never ridicule the order of the leader of the household.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to forgive you of your errors and enable you to be grateful.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 60 to 66:

Do not practice or encourage any form of corruption in the household, thereby causing corruption on itself.

Express satisfaction for the food items available in the household.

Never transgress the family rules.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to shower His Favor upon the entire family & save you from being among the losers.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 67 to 74:

Avoid asking unnecessary/irrelevant questions.

Do not doubt/question each other’s authority.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to soften your hearts and them steadfast on His Path.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 75 to 86:

Remember that exhibiting attributes of hypocrites destroy the family system.

Show utmost respect & obedience to your parents and be nice to your relatives.

Never settle for the life of this world at the expense of the Hereafter, in an attempt to please your family.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to be your aide on the Day of Judgment and avert all forms of punishment.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 87 to 101:

Avoid comparing each child’s abilities.

Remember that Allaah favors whom He wills among His servants.

Remember that Allaah is Al-Baseer and is Seeing of everything you do.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to save you-all from being among the disbelievers & His enemies.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 102 to 112:

Avoid practicing magic and other things which cause separation between families.

Avoid using words of disrespect towards each other.

Always pardon and overlook each other’s shortcomings.

Remember that Allaah will always replace whatever He takes with something much better.

Families that Pray Salaah together stay together…

Make constant Dua to Allaah to make you-all among those who submit to Him and do good deeds.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 113 to 123:

Never prevent anyone from mentioning Allaah’s name around your home.

Again, always remember Allaah’s favor upon your family.

Remember a Day when parents and children will have no significant benefit for each other.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to be your Protector & Helper.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 124 to 141:

Teach your children to follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him).

Remember your offspring and future generations in your prayer.

Instruct your children to not die except as Muslims.

Remember that Allaah will be sufficient for you-all as long as you believe.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to grant you-all Knowledge, Wisdom, and Purity.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 142 to 157:

Remember to be a moderate family & avoid extravagance.

Remember to make Dhikr of Allaah a family routine.

Make Patience & Prayer your family’s watchwords.

Remember that Allaah will test you-all with life’s delights.

Remember to say “Innaa liLlaahi wa innaa ilayHi raajihoon” when tested.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to grant you-all patience & perseverance during trials.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 158 to 176:

Love your family.

Love Allaah more than your family.

Consume only Halaal food in your home.

Do not follow your forefathers’ ways blindly.

Eat from Allaah’s bounties & be grateful to Him.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to save you-all from those who “consume hell-fire” and are deprived from His purification.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 177 to 182:

Strive to establish a Righteous family.

Be generous to your relatives, the orphans, the needy, the travelers, etc.

Remember death & adequately prepare for it.

Ensure a bequest of property for your parents and relatives.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to shower His Forgiveness and Mercy upon you-all.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 183 to 202:

Fast in Ramadhaan & re-ignite family ties.

Enjoy quality time with your spouse during Ramadhaan nights.

Avoid extremism during intimacy with your spouse.

Learn & teach your children about the spiritual benefits of Hajj & Umrah.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to give you-all the best in this world & Hereafter and seek for protection from hell-fire.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 203 to 220:

Avoid alcohol/intoxicants in the household.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to ease you-all’s entry into Jannah and seek protection from poverty and hardship.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 221 to 226:

Do not marry or marry off your children to polytheistic men or women.

Learn about menstruation and the applicable restrictions.

Fear Allaah regarding your wives.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to make you-all among those whom He loves.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 227 to 232:

The laws of divorce are quite complicated.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to protect your family from the dangers of divorce.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 227 to 242:

Learn about & adhere to the rules of breastfeeding.

More laws on the intricacies of divorce & different possible situations.

If divorce becomes inevitable, fear Allaah in your interactions with one another.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to grant you smart & healthy children.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 243 to 252:

Do not make money & kingship your top priority in this life.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to plant you-all’s feet firmly, grant you-all abundant patience and victory over the disbelievers.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 253 to 271:

No compulsion in Islam – be an adviser rather than an enforcer.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to grant you-all Wisdom & make you among the people of Understanding.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 272 to 284:

Avoid usury.

Do not raise your family on usury-based commodities.

Document all forms of business transactions even within the family.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to teach & forgive you-all.

Family Lessons from Aayahs 285 & 286:

Make constant Dua to Allaah every night as a family before going to bed.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to not impose blame upon you-all for your forgetfulness and/or mistakes in dealing with each other.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to not burden you-all beyond your individual abilities.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to constantly shower His Pardon, Forgiveness & Mercy ​upon you-all.

Make constant Dua to Allaah to grant you-all a beautiful ending.


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