The Perpetual Chase for Frivolity


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It’s our necessity It’s our desire We all want it We all need it Chasing it isn’t just a hobby of ours but a daily routine. Yeah, it became our daily routine. We do complain there isn’t enough time to get it. We do complain that 24 hours ain’t just enough Out of the 24 hours that nature has given to us We ought to have rest for at least 6hours But to some of us, it’s nay to the 6 hours.

The body system is being programmed to work for the 24hours. Our body system does collapse at times because all we do is to chase it, abandoning the body that does the chasing. Will take a break when the body starts failing But we also go back in chase of it when the body hasn’t fully recovered. We don’t care about ourselves all we do care about is wanting it. We go day by day running after it, with the hope that it will give us a better tomorrow. We abandon our health, our true self, friends and family in order to get it We look forward to the bright future it proposes give us. A future that might not come true. Do we ever think of the fact that our lives might end in the process to get it? No, we never did all we do want is to get it. Family cutting ties because of it Friends backstabbing each other for it What of the blood that is being shed in order to get it Eyes have shed not just tears but tears with great pain. Hearts have being broken Emotions have been tampered with No wonder they say it’s evil. PIXABAY Money! Money! Money! We all want it, we don’t get satisfied with what we have of it. We always say it’s never enough. I just have little, I just want to search for a little more And in the search, many hurt against humanity is being carried out.

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When we even have the more we want, we don’t get satisfied We go in search of more of it again. Money, the paper that makes us forget the true value of humanity The paper that deprives us of time for our friends and family The paper that makes us become enemies with our loved ones The paper that can catch up in flame within a twinkle of an eye. Can will relax a little and stop the reckless chase? Let’s see the beauty in life and place much value on it Let’s stop making money the cause of evils Money is beautiful Let’s bring out the beauty in money and abandon all unnecessary evil For they do say money rules the world Let it not rule us Let not money rule us but let morals and humanity do.

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