The Perspectives of America’s Modernization

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The article, Life is Getting Better: Societal Evolution and Fit with Human Nature, portrays two perspectives on America’s modernization. In today’s modern society, the culture’s main focus is on wealth and a myriad of technological advancements, which progress medicine, education, and the internet. People’s working lives are assumed to follow John W. Budd’s seven conceptualizations: disutility, personal fulfillment, a social relation, caring for others, identity, a commodity, and occupational citizenship. However, Veenhoven’s idea of “society drifting away from human nature” is shown through people’s use of technology. Based on Veenhoven’s data, life expectancy and happiness present an increased trend, which connects to Budd’s virtue of personal fulfillment.

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For example, Veenhoven evaluates, “fewer people die in accidents and epidemics and fewer are murdered. ” Various reasons connect to the decline of crime and deaths, such as technological and medical advancements. Today, an individual’s work can provide substantial benefits, including health insurance coverage and higher pay, and influence themselves to satisfy their self-worth and self-esteem. Many health insurance companies cover doctor services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, and mental health services. However, America is one of the top countries to have a high obesity rate in the world due to the accessibility of cheap, fast food restaurants. Americans are becoming lazier as technological advancements are replacing our skills, such as the replacement of reading textbooks and writing letters for researching on laptops and emailing messages. The internet introduces a broader perspective and knowledge of global information and communications for generations to obtain. Google is ranked the most popular website in the nation, while Facebook is the largest social networking site.

Google plays a significant role in developing technological skills and adept research knowledge. However, the downside of such technological power and advances can affect and diminish personal image for gender and racial differences. Individuals not only demonstrate Budd’s value of identity through job interviews, but also on social media. Social media allows employers to view individuals in need of work and shape social relationships by social networks, such as Linkedin or Facebook. People have a constant need for social acceptance to fit society’s expectations. From college students’ personal experiences, many are well qualified for job offers, but their social media posts of them drinking or partying paint an image and meaning of their identity and did not receive the positions. The public needs a higher level of consciousness, a unified view and a better understanding of their unconscious actions on social media.

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