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The Phantom Of The Opera: Darkness And Light, Cupit And Psyche

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Unmasked and Masked Darkness and Light

In both these similar stories, The Phantom of the Opera and Cupid and Psyche, show both a side of darkness and light. The characters of these books all have either a darkness, light, or neutral side to them. Sometimes masked up or sometimes shown completely.

In Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom and Raoul are constantly fighting for Christine’s love. Christine seems to be torn apart from them both. Both Raoul and the Phantom call Christine an angel. “Sing my Angel of Music!” “Christine! Angel!” The reason they both call her an angle is because they love her, but for very different reasons. The Phantom loves her for her voice, but Raoul loves her because they were once sweethearts. The Phantom shows off a sense of darkness. He does nothing to mask it up either. He scares the people who live or attend shows or parties at the Opera house. Several times the Phantom talks about the darkness he seems to hold within. “Down that path into the darkness deep as hell!” The Phantom talks about how he’s leading Christine into the darkness. Raoul is the light in this movie. He is the opposite of what the Phantom of. In many scenes in the movie, he is wearing white while the Phantom is wearing black. Christine is the neutral color. She’s torn between Raoul and the Phantom.

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In Cupid and Psyche, Venus and Psyche are at a constant battle for Cupid. Venus, his mother, wants Psyche gone and out of their lives. Psyche loves Cupid and wants him as her husband. Cupid is the neutral color here in place of Christine. He loves both of them, but in the end goes to the light, or Psyche. Psyche is the light in this case because she does tasks for Venus just to somehow get closer to Cupid in some way. Venus, the darkness, tries to mask up her personality around Psyche. She gives her many tasks and Psyche just thinks she is doing normal tasks.

In both these stories you see both masked and unmasked darkness. The Phantom shows his completely while Venus doesn’t. But they are both out to cause trouble. There’s also a difference between Christine and Cupid, both who are neutral. Cupid is in love with Psyche because of the way she looks. Christine loves Raoul because he’s there to protect her. They are both in love though. Raoul and Psyche are different because Raoul is trying to protect Christine while Psyche is trying to win Cupid back. They are the same because they are both fighting for who they love.


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