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Out of all the photographers in the world I find most inspiring is Annie Leibovitz. She is one of my favorite photographers because she takes pictures of a lot of my favorite actors/actresses. She takes pictures in a way that is hard to explain. She blurs the background very softly so that the person is the main focus.

Annie Leibovitz is was born on October 2nd 1949 in Waterbury Connecticut. Some people that Annie Leibovitz looked up to was Robert Frank and Henri Cartier who influenced her while she spent her time at San Francisco Art Institute. She was inspired to shoot portraits by Richard Avedon’s who played a big role in influencing her decision to pursue her dream of photography.

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Annie Leibovitz specializes mainly in portrait styled photography. One thing that is very unique about her photos is she is able to make the person in any place in a photograph stand out. A person could look pretty far away and she still finds a way to make that person the focus point. One technique that I found very unique was that when she takes group shots she splits up the group and takes individual pictures of them. After the individual pictures are taken, she photoshops them in a way to make it look like they were taken in one shot and i found that very interesting. Annie Leibovitz inspires me in many ways the first being her style in her photographs. I really enjoy taking close up pictures and they way that she can make a person stand out is very impressive. When a person is in the distance she uses techniques like leading lines to draw your attention to the person.

In conclusion, Annie Leibovitz was born on October 2nd 1949 in Waterbury Connecticut. She was inspired by Robert Frank and Henri Cartier who influenced her while she spent her time at San Francisco Art Institute. She was also inspired to start doing portrait photography by Richard Avedon who was a very good portrait photographer at the time. Annie Leibovitz specializes in portraits and I enjoy her pictures because she makes the person the main focus no matter how close or far that person is from the camera. One cool technique that I learned that she does is that when she is taking group shots she takes individual shots of people then photoshop them to make a group shot which I found very cool. Lastly, she inspires me because she really knows how to make a person stand out in any kind of environment. Annie Leibovitz is a terrific photographer that really motivates me to become a better photographer and taught me how to make any object stand out in any kind of environment which really inspires me to try harder to become better at portrait photography.

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