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The Picture House Company's Employee Management Failure

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With the start of the 2017 film festival, in an online news article in The Guardian newspaper, 2017, It was reported that The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union (BECTU), are announcing plans to disrupt the British Film Institutes in London. One of the institutions is the London picture house. This dispute is to happen during the showcasing of the film festival, during the opening and closing of the this event. This will be between the 4th and up to the 15th of October 2017. The picture house cinema is an appointed venue to Host the Sundance London Film Festival. Moreover, this will be the second year in a row for the picture house cinema, whereby, their employees have interrupted this film festival.

The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union claims that the Picture house and its owner, Cineworld, are refusing to negotiate on demands for not introducing the London living wage, as well as offering company sick pay, to their employees. As event managers, they hire employees especially within this industry, they hire staff, based on his or her personality and there motivation for the position. Rather than their educational back ground. Scott (2016), looked at the hiring process and explained that the Employment value of the exchange is a very important part of any job. Scott, continues to say that the significant factor in motivation is ‘satisfaction, productivity and trust within the workplace’. To understand the employee’s behaviour in an working environment. We can look to several well known motivational theorist and their theories on how employees should be managed at work. The leading theorist on this subject matter is Frederick Herzberg. He was an American psychologist, born in 1923 to 2000. He, specialised in business management. Herzberg performed interviews and studies on employees attitudes in the workplace. This was to determine what their needs are and to understand, what gave people the will to work harder and well. Unlike Frederick Taylor, an American engineer born 1856 -1917, who came before Frederick Herzberg, had an different approach. Taylors approach to management managing the employees, was that he believed that money was a motivational factor and that we should pay workers on their productivity.

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Herzberg, had taken a different approach by looking at non-financial factors within the working environment. He later developed the motivation-hygiene theory. This is name the two factor theory. He had called the satisfiers motivators and the dissatisfiers the Hygiene factors Herzberg’s Motivational theory suggests that we need to find satisfactory and unsatisfactory within our jobs. So to demonstrate what we may class as satisfactory can be good working conditions. Good pay, and sociable hours. Whereas dissatisfaction could fall under the increase in hours and still receive a low minimum pay. additionally have poor and unhealthy working conditions.

Furthermore, from the viewpoint of the picture house employee, and by applying Maslow’s theory on the Hierarchy of needs, We can use his theory to understand people. Maslow’s theory on Hierarchy of needs looked at the physiological factors. His paper on A theory of Human Motivation, suggest that people have five levels of needs that they seek to meet. Staying, with only the first two of Maslow hierarchy needs, we have, level one physiological needs: Air, food water clothing, shelter, sexual Activity, Level Two, is about the safety needs Job security, protection from unilateral authority and so on.

To conclude job security is at an all-time low, compounding the fragility of self-esteem. As event managers, it would be more of a benefit of interest for the company to pay the living wage and also adopt Herberg motivational theory and focus more on the non-financial aspect as well as focusing on the individuals. The picture house company would achieve better performance from the staff having the workplace a place where the employees can be appreciated for the efforts instead of being a major workplace for stress and depression and agree to the terms.


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