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The plagiarism problem: what can help?

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Plagiarism policy is a serious issue every student face during academic life. It can cause not only failure in a particular subject but also being expelled from college or university. These measures are implemented on purpose. In real-world duplicated content is a reason for a legal claim which can lead to serious penalties. For example, using a pattern of an old song Blurred Lines by Marvin Gaye cost Robin Thicke $7, 3 million. Noncompliance with copyright laws may cost not only severe penalties but also ruin your reputation. That is why universities and colleges are paying so much attention to the uniqueness of the peppers written by students.

On the other hand, writing a paper from scratch without copying text parts trains students not only using the language to express thoughts, but also to generate unique ideas. If a student learns how to steal an idea, he or she will constantly repeat it in future. Borrowing is possible only with the citation rules. If you decided to use certain idea or statement which is relevant to your research, you must learn how to cite it correctly by stating the author, title of the source, publisher, and year of publication.

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It is also possible to repeat someone’s idea or statement unintentionally. In this case, free plagiarism checker helps students to recognize and change the paper timely, before submitting it to the tutor. How does plagiarism detector work? It checks the text from the beginning till the end and compares it to the online sources, popular editions and other content published online. The longer the text, the more time it needs. You can use a free online plagiarism checker with percentage rate option, which is conducted under different algorithms. Most universities are using tools which have been designed primarily for internal use. These tools are the most efficient.

To stand for the strict requirements and measures tutors are using to check the credibility of every paper, you have to use an efficient tool which shows the sufficient results. Another option implies using a few different online checkers which is time and efforts consuming. That is why plagiarism checkers are popular among students. Not only it proves the uniqueness of your paper, but also shows weak sections and which parts to change. The convenient percentage report is helpful in improving the paper quality.

In every educational institution, students are frightened with plagiarism issues. It causes irreversible consequences. Not only you can fail the task but also be restricted from attendance. These measures are taken to prevent future serious abuses. Users of the tool not only learn how to write a unique paper but also understand that it is much easier to generate unique thoughts and ideas instead of stilling it from someone else. It develops creativity as well as alternative, critical, argumentative, and logical thinking.


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