The Points for and Against Dress Code


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School dress codes have been a topic in many schools for many many years. There are three types of stances on this topic; one being full restricted dresscode, another being no dress codes, lastly, partial dress codes. Despite there being many stances on school dress codes I have chosen to focus on is perspective 2. Schools continue to struggle today with enforcing dress codes more so due to difficulties in enforcing the policies because of religious and ethic stipulations.

The stance I chose was perspective 2 which includes dress codes are a negative thing because there would be more bullying, encourages sexual harassment and students feel publicly shamed when this is adressed infront of their peers. A number of schools have decided that this problem can be solved by instituting a uniform or a dress code that lists approved colours that may be worn. To many people, this sounds like a reasonable solution to the pervasive problem of bullying. To people who actually experience bullying, it can look ridiculous, if not dangerous. Putting the dress code into place is not solving the entire bullying issue, so, this is an example of how utilizing dress code to end bullying could be wrong.

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Another negative to dress codes is sexual harassment. According to some critics they feel it is unfair to punish females for how her outfit may affect males behavior. Females should not be held responsible for other classmates’ behaviors because of the way they dress. This also would send a negative message that women are responsible for the sexual harassment that happens because of what she is wearing.

Using a dress code could also be seen as a form of public shaming. Some students who get called out for not following dress code in front of other students feel publicly shamed. Trying to enforce a dress code is not a one size fits all solution. There are many different body sizes and shapes. Forcing somebody to wear a particular piece of clothing would lead to somebody being bullied, harassed, or creating a negative self image, especially for those that the required article of clothing does not fit.

While dress codes sound like a good idea, there are also negatives to enforcing them. Those being; bullying, sexual harassment and public shaming. Dress codes would not be a good idea in a school setting when there are so many other issues it would create. 

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