The Political Foundation Behind Missouri Compromise

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Between the years 1492 to 1865 slavery was introduced in the aspect of racial discrimination and took part of the United State’s history. Slavery ultimately led to the continuous divide between the North and the South over the westward expansion. The issue of slavery also led to the creation of the Republican party in 1854 as well as eventually led to the outbreak of the civil war when an abolitionist was elected in 1860.

In the beginning of the Republic, the founding father came up with a compromise known as the three fifths compromise. The purpose of the compromise is it harmonize disagreements between the North and the South over various issues such as congressional representation and rate of taxation when it came to the slave population in a state.

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One of these compromises was known as the Missouri compromise as it was issued to balance the representation between the anti and pro slavery states in Congress at the time. The compromise led Maine to enter the union as a free state while Missouri entered as a slave state.

Although a complete compromise over slavery proved to be impossible between the North and South due to their differences in view on slavery especially since the South depended heavily on the economic set up they had going with slavery. However with the nation expanding west, controlling the congress became a top issue for both the North and South and this kept them from agreeing making it impossible for both regions to reach a compromise.

There were several political parties in the United States from it’s founding all the way to the year 1865. For instance, the Federalist Party was in existence from the 1790s through the 1820s. This party emphasized a strong national government versus smaller, localized governments. It also wanted to maintain relations with Britain. This party was led by several key figures in America at the time, including Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall, and John Adams.

The Democratic-Republican Party was in existence from the same time period as the Federalist Party, from the 1790s, and eventually dissolved in the late 1820s. It was founded and led by political figures such as Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison. The party opposed Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party. The party emphasized reduced control from the Federal Government, as well as individual rights.

The Whig Party was in existence from the early 1830s until the mid-to-late 1850s. Members and leaders of this party included Daniel Webster, William Henry Harrison, and Henry Clay. The Whigs were opposed to Andrew Jackson and his politics, they also wanted to re-establish the Bank of the United States. They believed in protective tariffs, which would've limited imports from other countries 

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