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“The main problem is that the Chinese place too much faith in the infinite wisdom and ability of a great leader and party elite.” (“The China Model Is Failing”) said Dr. Eric C. Hendriks, who is the Beijing-based sociologist who previously worked at Peking University. In the article “The China Model is Failing”, he points out that China need to be democratic, the politics system now China have has so many limitation, which will also limit the future of country. But China can’t and won’t be democratic. First of all, “China is not going to become a liberal democracy; if it did, it would collapse. I do not believe you can impose on other countries standards which are alien and totally disconnected with their past.”(Lee) said previous singapore leadership Lee Kuan Yew. He is totally right. That is the culture background.

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Furthermore, the most concerned the problem is China is currently lack of personal political voice and oppression of liberty and objection. But in another hand, the Chinese system significantly effects, if there’s a new policy, don’t need to ask the permission from Congress, which save a huge amount of times and human resources. Which also means the people like Trump would never have even a chance to be a chairman. Chinese had been lived under the dictatorship for thousands of years, the majority of Chinese don’t even expect of liberty that as many speeches think we “should” have. That’s not their really want. They want a stable environment and have a higher standard life more important than a big revolution, which is reasonable. Then looked at the economy, “China is a key driver of the global economy and so the better-than-expected data is likely to cheer investors around the world.”(“China’s economy grows….”)

The whole world witness the incredible growth of China’s economy. China’s GDP had dominated the second place and keep a very impressive increasing. “The 6.9 percent annual pace of expansion for the world’s second-largest economy, reported Monday, surpassed economists’ forecasts and was an improvement from a 6.8 percent pace of growth in the last quarter of 2016.”(“China’s GDP expanded…”) This is already 2016, and China’s economy is still keeping the amazing growth, that means China is not just lucky but really walks on correct path. Data never lie, actually, China is going pretty well on the road of communist, and the situation will be better. Maybe you might ask “How can you know that without actually doing it.?”, you probably right, but can really we try it? The answer is practically impossible, owing to the “Communist party is the only party in China.” is already in the constitution. Either there is a new, brave chairman to rebuild China or there is a revolution which is definitely impossible based on the current China conditions. Following this, you might ask “What if China is already democratic now?”. Before I explain, I have to say I am a Chinese and lived in China for 17 years. Any judgement I make on chinese citizen is according to my own experience and observation and there is no offense or discrimination at all. Half of the population or even more are children, farmers, and live in the far-off city. Most of them are uneducated or educated well, we can’t hope them can say “I am voting him because I am fully understand what he talking about and I know who he is” .

The fact is most of them have to do farming or work in the factories, what they really care is how to earn more money, they don’t really care about who is going to be the leader. Furthermore, if you look at the “comment” section in all kinds of News or Social media, you will realize that section is filled of offensive speeches and blindly patriotic rhetoric. I used to be in the system, I know how it is. We are lack of logical thinking and critical ideas, we are not allow to have our own ideas, we only need to recite all the knowledge and the answer. We don’t have the custom to adoubt authority, actually we are always afraid to express our feeling especially involved with politics in the public area. Then I have already answer the second question, I can say most of them just saying “we need to have liberty like western countries”, but actually they have no idea about democracy, and don’t know the consequence. The personality of individuals don’t meet the requirement, which means China can’t be democratic unless the society is progress to that level. There’s a saying in China “ The orange that grew up at south is sweet, that grew up at north is sour.” Which tell us, there is no absolutely sweet orange and there is no perfect system that suitable for every countries. From the nowadays situations , Democracy is not suitable for China.Maybe that can be the ultimate goal, but there is still a long way to go.

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