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From the classic mid 70s to the late twentieth century, the brand ‘FORD’ had ruled automation industry with its stylish and bold Ford f150 4X4 Truck. Due to its immense popularity, it was also seen in various TV shows and movies. It has been the American favourite for past 40 years or so. The Ford f150 4X4 sale has been rising for decades as the new and improved models keep coming out. Recently, there was a breakthrough as the Ford f150 4X4 launched the 2018 model. The models are even tougher, powerful and efficient. The beauty of this truck is that it doesn’t compromise on the driver comfort even though it looks masculine and rugged from outside. Costing around $33,000, this medium-duty truck is great for all purposes and is designed to traverse even the most dangerous of roads. Given below is some information of the Ford f150 truck deals.

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Why would someone prefer this beast over others?

It may be costly and may make you wonder if it is worth the money or not. Well, its dynamic features are totally worth the cost. It has a rugged and masculine look and also features a start-stop property that reduces fuel exhaustion. With a V6 turbo engine, it can produce 290 horsepower and also has a ten-speed auto transmission. The torque produced is about 265 lb/ft, making it an added advantage. All the above reasons have caused a rise in the Ford f150 4X4 sale.

Any let-downs that one needs to know about?

The turbo diesel engine on this bad boy is a little overboard. It seems to be a little thrifty when one sits on it. Another let-down is that this truck has not been launched in the hybrid systems. The pick-up of the truck is too fast for an amateur to control, making it not the perfect vehicle to learn driving in. The cost of the truck makes many people back out from buying it. But this is countered by various Ford f150 truck deals.

Does the performance and ruggedness compromise the driver comfort?

The above statement is completely false in case of this truck. There is lot of head and leg space present with variations like two-door regular cab, extended Super cab, full size four door super crew model etc. There is enough room for everyone and everything. In the front, there is enough room for hanging files, charging mobiles, laptops and even tablets. There are big toggle switches for the infotainment assisting devices. Three bed lengths are available – the 5-feet, 6-feet and the 8-feet beds. In bed loading ramps, interior lighting and secured fasteners are provided.

What all does one need to enquire about?

Before looking for the ford f150 all wheel drive vehicle, there are some questions you need to ask the dealers. Here is the list of items you need to keep in mind.

  • Whether the car has all the parts functioning?
  • Whether there is a service centre nearby your house or residence?
  • What is the fees structure and mode of payment?
  • Does this car make you feel happy and satisfied?
  • Is this the best you can afford? Is this the best deal?
  • It is better to perform a test drive?
  • What is the maintenance policies and warranty coverage?
  • Does the vehicle have a history of accident or repairs?
  • Are there some deals to look forward to?

There are some Ford f150 4X4 deals that one must look out for. Some are mentioned below:

  • 0% financing for 36 months.
  • 2.90% financing for 72 months
  • 3.90% financing for 75 months
  • 3.90% financing for 84 months.

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