The Popularity of Youtube Tv


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There is a lot of you guys know about some of the IPTV services, that will run you from $20.00 all the way to 30, 40 dollars well, a youtube tv gives you 60 plus channels and its only $40 a month. And you get six accounts! They do offer free trial guys, it’s a seven day trial and after that itll be $40 a month as it says. And it is cancel anytime. So youre not tied into any contract. You get six accounts per household guys which is ridiculous compared to some of the different services that we see this is a good number right here. You get cloud dvr, no storage. So you know that google and youtube were tied together if you think about youtube in general thats where the videos are uploaded thats where my videos are uploaded.

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Theres never a charge they have huge server farms guys that they can accommodate you recording your stuff and it looks like it keeps it up to 90 days. So pretty cool. Some of the networks not available in all areas but heres a general overview of what youll get. So right off the bat you can see we get abc, cartoon network, fox, look like we do have cnn, we have espn, 1 2 yes being you as well just take the time to look at the channel see if it if it has what you need and all about making informed decision guys. They do have additional networks that will cause money. So for instance Showtime its $11 a month, fox soccer $15 whatever this is at $5 a month and this one is $7 a month. So if you guys need those additional channels you do have that option.

So what is youtube tv? Basically youtube tvs the streaming service that lets you watch tv from major broadcast and popular cable networks. Guys probably already know this. Where is youtube tv availablel? So available most metro areas, so you guys gotta check it out in your own area see if youre actually covered. Your youtube tv membership comes with six accounts to share with roommates or family members in your household. All right so it says in your household. So im not sure if i can take it on the road which i believe you can. So I’m not sure how they monitor who the accounts are being shared with and I’m just verify that it’s in your household but it says you can share a family members but it also says in your household. So something will check on and will follow up on a little bit later. It also says that everyone gets their own login personal dvr and after three simultaneous streams are allowed per membership. So if you think about that at some six accounts times three.

Which devices can i watch youtube tv on? You can watch youtube anywhere or any device. You have android l or later iphone, ios 9 or later okay. so l is for lollipop tablets ios 9.1 or later currently available on pixel devices but it’s coming soon computer for the best viewing experience download the latest version of chrome. it works better on chrome. Streaming with chromecast download on roku, apple tv, android box, xbox one, and supported samsung lg tv.

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