The Portrayal of Young Men in Claude Mckay’s Home to Harlem

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Claude Mckay’s Home to Harlem is a most popular cyclical novel, which is won the Harman Gold award for literature, Mckay is a famous Twentieth century African American writer, he is born in central Jmaica in 1889, to a black poor peasants parents, who is an American poet, novehlist, short story writer, journalist, essayist, and auto biographer. He is a vital, catalytic voice during 1920s, a period when black fight to reclaim their cultural heritage. Even though Mckay (1889-1948) writes in many genres, he writes four novels, among them, the work Home to Harlem is the most notable famous novel. Though this novel is criticized negatively the prominent writers, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Alain Lock, but later it is well received and appreciated for the unbiased portrayal of black’s life and Harlem.

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Claude Mckay’s Home to Harlem is a novel, the story of chief character Jack Brown. He is an attractive, handsome man, with dark brown skin, and easy going person who is admired by the women he meets. Jake is a black man from Petersburg, in Virginia, who runs off from the military without take of proper leave, because, he is forced to be a menial labour rather than a soldier. Even Jake makes his way home as a ship’s cook, to make a start in London, where he spends the remaining of the war, living with a White girlfriend, their relationship is unpleasant, because he feels unsatisfied intercourse with White woman, due to Jake view is the White women is only a creature of another race of another world. When he start to longing for the bodies of the black and brown women of Harlem. Meanwhile Jake serious and emotional request to the ship to take him for his Harlem. Likewise, Jake when he has crazy thinking with an illegal drug with every day. That’s what it is.Oh boy! Harlem for mine:

“Take me home to Harlem, mister ship!

Take me the brown gals waiting for

The brown boys that done show their mettle over there. Take me home, mister ship. Put your beak right into that water and jest movealong.”. . . [9] However, Jake has filled with nostalgia and boredom, when he reaches Harlem, his search For joy in the form of sex, alcohol, music, and women. After arrival in Harlem.

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