The Positive Effects of Social Media

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Consumer electronics– for most millennials, it is their life. These consumer electronics include devices for communication and getting information such as smart phones, laptops, and desktop computers . Today, it now has a huge role in our lives for Do you know of the time without these modern electronics that instantly connect you with other people and show you vast information in just one click? Generations before millennials, like traditionalists, baby boomers and generation x, have relied less on modern electronics and they have lived their lives with satisfaction. Indeed, each generation have lived through different societal trends, cultures, technology and world .

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The traditionalists, also known as the silent generation and the greatest generation have lived, fought and died during and after the World War II. There is less freedom, willingness and medium to speak out their minds. They were reliant on radio for collecting and communicating information. Other medium for communication was rotary phones, one-to-one, and memo writing.

Baby boomers are the largest generation since there is a massive increase in births following the WWII. They have lived through stability and economic comfort . They rely more on traditional elements. During their time, they already had television, black and white and eventually, colored frames. They also communicate through touch tone phones.

Generation X is the middle child of the generations being in between two larger generations of the Millennials and the Boomers. Their generation was defined by materialism and technology. They grew up seeing the rapid advancement of technology . They communicate through their cellphones.

Millennials are individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. They were born in the digital media. Children are given a voice and are part of the decision making in the household. They have more freedom to speak their mind. They communicate through smartphones, electronic mail, and internet. For millennials, technology is not just merely the World Wide Web, but also being “connected” 24/7. The modern electronics connecting them to the internet has become their world. For this generation, smart phones are a necessary part of life. Whenever they need to access information or talk to people, their mobile phone is the answer. They put the means to connect at all times on any devices in just their hands. They have grown up “connected” through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Consumer electronics like smartphones, computers and laptops set up a place for the internet. Through these electronics, world wide web has become accessible to consumers. The online world was formed into a more recognizable form in 1990 . Through the web, internet has been popularized among the public and served as a vital step in developing the vast of information that most of us now access on a daily basis (Andrews, 2013). Web has become the most common means these days to access data in the form of websites and hyperlinks. It has also made way to the creation of the social networking sites, where people can show their opinions and their everyday lives, and communicate with and see other people without the need of meeting people in face to face. It is the most effective way to rely and receive information.

Social Media started to be a part of culture by the 1980s when home computers were becoming common. In 1999, the first blogging sites became popular, creating a social media sensation that’s still popular today. The invention of blogging paved way to the explosion of popularity of social media. In the early 2000s, people have experienced sites like MySpace and LinkedIn. Then, in 2005, YouTube was invented, creating a new space for people to communicate across great distances. Eventually, the most popular social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, popped up in 2006. In present day, there is already a vast of social media sites, which creates a community where users can reach maximum number of people without compromising the intimacy of person-to-person communication.

With these vast social media sites, enter its impact on the lives of individuals and social groups. These modern electronics and social media has impacted and shaped politics, society, commerce, world of work, training and development, morality, personal relationships.

Social media has impacted the world in a positive way. It provides more general knowledge on certain things without needing to go to a library or reading an entire book. They also get to learn on certain social issues that they may not have been previously aware of, which helps them to be more sensitive of their surroundings and learn of the atrocities on other areas where they could help. It helps people stay connected with other people using mobile devices. It helps electronics become more effective tool in communication and accessing information, which makes it helpful in people’s daily routines with less cost and energy.

A study of New York Times Consumer Insight Group revealed that the motivations for sharing on social media is the desire present entertaining and meaningful content to others; introduce themselves, grow and nourish relationships, and promote causes they support. Indeed, social media evolved not only to communicate to friends but also to have a huge effect on society. With social media, people has also been more vocal and more involved in social issues of today, speaking out about their opinion on politics, economy and behaviors. They also have a place to showcase their talents, where there are more audiences that can witness and praise their work and they can earn money for it.

However, social media also has negative effects. As the saying goes, “all excess is bad.” These electronics also have an addictive effect. One cannot let go of it even for a second. As soon as they let go of their smart phone, they start looking for it, like they have a missing body part. Millennials cannot function, let alone, leave their homes without their smart phones or tablets with them. Even during gatherings, where they can actually talk to people face to face, users prefer being immersed to their phones. There is over dependency on electronics. Their minds would not be at ease without their smart phones with them at all times. They rely on these electronics for every little thing, which in turn also compromising security on their privacy.

Indeed, most users are millennials. Since the generation you grow up in bonds you to the millions of other people who come of age during the same generation, one would think there would be few, if not none, disagreements on the web. However, there are certainly huge differences in beliefs, values and cultures among generation. And since there is also a freedom of speech and a cloak of invisibility in the usage of the internet, there are countless of abuses, disrespect, and bullying on the internet. The content you see in some areas of social media, are toxic. Yes, people have become outspoken and liberated but with this vast power, they lose the concept of respect for others. Some people are only interested in speaking out their mind and not listening to others. This eventually results to hate to groups against ones beliefs. In the Philippines, there is even the Cyberbullying Act to prevent bullying or defamation online. Because of the cloak it gives us, the world in social media becomes chaotic. Soon, there will also going to be countless laws dictating rights and duties moderating actions online.

With the growing number of usage of electronics, it, especially social media, now plays a vital role in our society. By making it a necessary part of life, it can govern and teach us how we act and treat other people. It becomes a critical aspect of life, which must be used with a lot of precautions. Indeed, the use of consumer electronics has positive and negative effects on users, society and future generation. It is always up to the people how and what they would want these devices to encourage in the society. The positive effects of social media should always be maintained and promoted. The negative effects can still be remedied and changed for the better. Abuses on the internet must be prevented and it should help promote a safe environment for all, especially to minorities. People must stop ignoring and start recognizing all the good and, especially, the bad from using these electronics. As soon as everyone does, they will learn the proper way to use these devices moderately in order to bring equilibrium and peace in the community while having the freedom to use it for their entertainment and everyday lives.

Soon, there will be more advancements which will be made, outshining these present electronics. One can only speculate what the future can hold, but whatever it is, one thing’s certain, these technologies will continue to exist in some form for as long as there is human life. It is only a matter of time where humans can figure out where we will go next from here. With this, there will certainly be new methods again, which will help shape our society differently for the future generation. Those technologies will help define their generation and become a pathway for future generations to come. 

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