The Possibility of Online Classes Replacing Traditional Classes

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It is undeniable that technological revolutions are making an extraordinary contribution to the educational framework as well as learning procedure. With the tap of a button, individuals can get each data conveniently and do not need to rely on books or notebooks. Hence, there are a assorted blend of learning methods that people have more options to approach to education rather than traditional class. From my perspective, in the case, classroom instruction plays a crucial role in conveying the knowledge and cannot be dominated by online education owing to these following reasons.

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The core factor explaining why e-learning is not substitute for traditional-learning lies in the patterns of interaction. Classroom education focuses on the aspect of face-to-face learning, which means that students are taught by physical interaction with instructor and classmates (Friedrichsen & Kamalipour, 2017). In fact, attending classroom physically brings students merits in the term of society and education. The reason explaining the former is that students make conversation with other peers in class every session (De, 2018), thus they can find companions with common interests and cultivate a strong friendship. On the educational side, it creates the active environment to allow students to participate in studying effectively since they get a chance to inquire the instructor for explanation and receive the instant feedback (Friedrichsen & Kamalipour, 2017)

The second reason considered a distinct advantage when students get involved in classroom education is to generate a source of fundamental inspiration. As a matter of fact, traditional learning gives students the opportunity to encounter the extra-curricular activities. Sethughes(2012) indicated that students need to raise their voice and express their thoughts, subsequently, they not only boost their confidence and self-esteem but also improve communication aptitudes. Moreover, they are able to master these soft-skills, which have influence on their successful future (Loretto, 2018). According to the research presented by the Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation, it is found that “ 75% of the long-term job success depends on soft skills’ mastery and only 25% on technical skills” (Hansen, 2018, para. 6).

People of the other side may say that e-learning brings students about the geographic connection flexibly to study in any convenient location and do not require even attend a session at particular time through any appropriate technology (Sinha, P. H & Sinha, S, 2007). It is true superficially. However, some learners spend too much time at their computer terminal rather than relating to people in the real world, which causes the risk of social isolation (Hetsevich, 2017). Moreover, the excessive usage of technological devices leads to physical afflictions (Cooper, C., Goswami, U & Sahakian, B, J., 2009). Computer vision Syndrome as an example, according to the American Optometric Association, “more than seventy percent of users that work on a computer monitor (which is over 140 million) experience computer vision syndrome (CVS) or eye fatigue” (as cited in Kohli, 2015).

In conclusion, it is obvious that traditional education is not supplanted by online education. The conventional method provides students with an interactive environment where they can establish relationships. In addition, attending the traditional class helps students get a chance to sharpen specific skills throughout teamwork activities, which is a solid foundation for their potential careers in the future. Instead of replacing traditional-learning, this system can have a combination with the modern technology to bolster and energize the flexibility in educating and learning.

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