The Possible Implications of Dr. Hage G. Geingob’s Announcement

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Prior to Namibia’s Independence Day celebration, a local Kwaito artist by the name of Ees took to the social media sphere to challenge Namibia. Ees suggested that government should rather divert their Independence Day spending toward a cleaning campaign and providing to the needy and that all Namibians should participate. (Shimuoshili, 2018)

May Day is celebrated annually to pay tribute to all hardworking men and women. In the early industrial period workers had almost no rights and for this reason workers day is also a public holiday, it allows workers to rest and emphasize the importance of workers’ rights. (Griffiths, 2018)

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This report will present the possible implications of Dr. Hage G. Geingob’s announcement. “He suggested that every Namibian should set time aside on 1 May, to clean up their respective neighborhoods or areas.” (Smith, 2018) Already hardworking individuals would have to use a dedicated resting day to execute the presidents’ request. This could result in a clash between the government and the respective Workers Unions.

Most people would much rather be resting on Workers Day. The first of May is right in between two working days and thus would be unreasonable to expect people to continue with this relatively hard work. This day would be yet another expense on the already debt burdened government. The Namibian government should rather be cutting down on expenses during the current financial situation


  1. Moving the clean-up day to another holiday
  2. Scheduling clean-up day during the week.
  3. Create sanitation awareness
  4. Cancel clean-up day completely
  5. Appointing more sanitary workers.
  6. How May day could be commemorated


This report provides the implications of the president’s announcement and solutions to avoid the conflict. The president’s urgency to clean Namibia is completely valid but Hon. Erkki Nghimtina should rather reassess the proposal and considering the recommendations.Recommendations to the announcement of May Day being a cleaning day.

Referring back to the summary here are possible solutions:

  1. Moving the National Clean-up day. The National clean-up day could be moved to less significant day. Labour Day has too much significance in being a public holiday.
  2. Schedule a national clean-up day during the week. A clean-up day can be on a normal work day. Everyone could still partake in their work environment.
  3. Create sanitation awareness. The government could start awareness campaigns. This would encourage everyone to clean up no matter what day it is.
  4. Cancel the clean-up day. If this day is cancelled all conflict would be resolved. The government would have more time to contemplate the matter and produce a more thought-out proposal.
  5. Appoint more sanitary workers. More sanitary workers could be hired to keep Namibia clean. This would result in more unskilled job opportunities and cleaner Namibia.

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