The Power of Awareness of Decisions and Actions

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I think that getting to know more aspects that make me unique as well as confirm the things I already knew about myself gave me an overall idea of who I truly am as a person at this moment. I was really surprised to learn that one of my strengths included being restorative because I tend to get frustrated quite easily when it comes to solving problems but I think because I also have the strength of being an achiever that helps me to persevere when I have a problem. 

It was also great to see where I am on each of the personality dimensions and it gives me a better idea of what I scored high in as well as those aspects that I could improve on which would be being more open-minded and more social. Even the emotional intelligence test brought to light that I need to work on controlling my emotions a little better and recognizing how that might affect others around me. When I learn more things about myself that just makes me want to become an even better person as a result.  

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The results given from the tests could almost create an “invisible box” that is made up of a person’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, etc., which could make a person feel like that is all they are made of on the inside, and therefore leading to a fixed mindset. This could lead to a more cautious way of thinking and becoming more observant of yourself when around others, and even putting a sense of doubt inside the person, because they start to question whether or not these traits that make them who they are are definitive. 

I also think that this could be less useful to some people because the test might establish a difference when it gives you results of who they think you are versus how you actually act in person and around others. Self-learning is the act of learning on your own that requires self-motivation. Even this week when we had to do a little self-learning of our own to discover who we were. The value I placed on self-learning was that I was able to discover my strengths and weaknesses and use this to help myself grow and develop to become the best version of myself. 

Even the constant daily improvement will enable me to become better whether that may be doing my job or just interacting with people. Knowing how much this has made an impact on myself I would want to make the pharmacy professional aware that self-learning is very useful and can guide one to become the very best they can be when practicing in their field. 

Some key factors would be to not be complacent on who you are but to continually improve on oneself (personal growth), constant learning (this could be keeping up to date on the current drugs or things happening within the profession) and even gaining more skills that will eventually become valuable to others. I have always been told that the harder I work, the more I’m going to get out of it. If the pharmacy professional puts in the effort to do these things on their own then they will see results in the way they provide care. 

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