The Power of Language as a Form of Art Expressions

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‘The greatest art and most conquering weapon in the world is language. Human progress and civilization begin with language communication.’ People who have no voice in this world will become scientists and even experts, but they will not become a great leader. The civilization and progress of mankind begin from the moment they have the language. Today, when I am communicating with many friends, we will backfire because of the obstacles in our language or the expression of fear. Some people, because of his mistakes in expression, a lack of communication, led to a major business opportunity. In our business, in our family, in our lives, in our interpersonal relationships. 

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Then let us see again, the perfect eloquence, what kind of help will be brought to our cause and life, have we ever thought about it? Case number one: In the bleak winter of a cold wind, an old man with a blind and blind eyes endured hunger and cold, and pitifully squatted on a bustling street. There is a wooden sign on the neck of the old man with the words ‘love from childhood’. Unfortunately, people who come and go are pretending to turn a blind eye. No one has extended a helping hand to the elderly. At this time, a poet walked to the old man and the old man reached out and begged the poet. The poet did not find a penny in his pocket. He said helplessly: ‘Sorry, I am as poor as you, but I can give you something else.’ 

After that, the poet took out the pen from his pocket, on the wooden sign. I wrote a few words on it and turned and left. It is strange to say that since the poet left, the old man has received a lot of charity. For this reason, the old man is very confused. After a while, the poet once again met the old man. The old man asked the poet: ‘What did you write on my wooden card that day?’ The poet smiled and took the wooden sign on the neck of the old man and said: ‘spring is coming, but I can’t see it.’ After listening to the poet’s reading, the eyes were full of tears. 


The power of language is endless, and the potential of language is infinite. Let us use beautiful language, gorgeous rhetoric to write a gorgeous life, and warm the hearts of others. The poet only used a simple sentence to describe the situation of the old man, let people feel the same, and the old man won the sympathy of other people and obtained charity. “The best way to spread knowledge is the most influential way.” The power of eloquence is endless. When it comes to eloquence, I think we are no strangers. In front of one major theme, we have fully seen the ‘language’ in front of major events. The most powerful weapon in the world is not an atomic bomb, not a high-tech but a language. 

There are two kinds of art in this world that don’t need any help. He can provoke tears and can inspire people. What is that, one is the language, the language can penetrate the human mind, the language can make you excited, then the low, followed by the spirit, followed by the negative and even the pain, there is an art, it is music also doesn’t need any help. It can also use sound to make your emotions fluctuate, so we often joked: ‘When language and music come together, it is the voice of the ‘devil.’ So we watch movies, we listen to operas, we watch shows, we will find that when language and music are integrated, we tend to bring in a situation. 

So what impact does this have on ourselves, our lives, and our future? I think that with the continuous display of today’s topics, my wish is that every classmate here will give full play to her talents through the power of eloquence so that we can truly become an influential leader in the enterprise and become a leader in society. An activist with interpersonal relationships, in the family, becomes a reconciliation agent at home, pistachio, and the pillars of the family.

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