The Power of Music in Various Fields

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Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. It's hard to ignore that music is everywhere; at home, when driving a car, school, workplace, etc. There are many genres of music that interest to other people, so that everyone can enjoy it. So why is music very important to all people and why it's very good for the young childerent? Teaching music to the young generation would be very helpful because it helps them to be creative in school works and to learn how to play music. The author of “Music Education: perspectives from a younger generation” Taveras talks about how importance of music is to the healthy function brain both academically and professionally; and the enhancement of executive functioning abilities due to being musically trained. It's not only help in education for students but also help people in the medical field. Amy Novotney talks about how important music is to help people who have mental illness by using that benefits for music therapy.

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Studies have been proved that education is the solution to almost every societal problem. To preparing children to be successful is as essential as making them smarter, which if its planned carefully music can certainly do. Taveras says that music has an advantage that is barely being used in our educational system today: its resourcefulness. Music can be easily approached from many different angles of education such as mathematics, physics, statistics, sciences, literature, history, etc. Music helps to focus and relaxed or calm down their minds on working such as doing homework or from workplace. In order to pursue the expansion of boundaries and secure the understanding of different topics with something we can all relate to, while having fun with the use of music knowledge and sound.Giving young children to learn how to play an instrument may help them to learn how to be patience and promoting the coordination (the motor skills and eye-hand coordination are improved through learning process) also to those parents who are giving their children to take lessons in music school dramatically improved their abilities to solve any problems such as puzzles, copy patterns of color and draw some geometric figures (can be defined as figure or area closed by a boundary which is created by combining the specific amount of curves, points, and lines) and the most beneficial from learning music is to learn how to be patient. Some children have difficulties on how to be patience from all difficulties that they will face on.

Taveras shows how the music classroom help the student to focus on making music and also help the student to focus on school tasks such as studying and doing homework at home. He encourages people to pursue that education to take some music education. The author also shares his claim for taking music education that “music did not only made him happy by allowing to express himself through a musical instrument but it made him realize that whatever he decides is going to afflected to his future that was going to have something do in music.” ( Music Education: perspectives from a younger generation). On the other hand, Novotney talks about how music can become a medicine to all people. According to novotney research, nne recent study on the link between music and stress found that music can help soothe pediatric emergency room patients. “Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore found that patients in palliative care who took part in live music therapy sessions, it helps to relieve an excessive pain and anxiety.” (Music as Medicine). Music can help people who have memory loss, when the music is paired with everyday activities, it can help those with memory loss develop a rhythm that will help them recall doing the activity, and also improve their ability to do it over time.

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