The Power of Technology: Traditional Books Vs Ebooks

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Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Although traditional books have changed human history, the modern Era has forced the significance of technology, changing people’s everyday activities like books. As technology has improved in the last decade, books have been read traditionally but has been taken over by the internet where people find it much easier to checkout like E-books. Even though traditional books have been used for so long, this new era has not only forced but has shown the benefits of E-books to all humankind which has improve our society. The power of technology has cultured the past making people realize how much easier it is to do everything online. So traditional books vs ebooks ,what is better?

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Although Books have been a big part of our society, it has been taken over by the internet where people find it much easier to checkout like E-books. E-books are portable and lightweight, and it makes it a lot easier to carry around. Instead of having to carry around multiple heavy books why not have it all on one device? In 2004, Amazon released the first kindle and that was meant to make user be able to browse, buy, download read eBooks. The ability to get the book immediately with just a few clicks and to be able to customize many features and to make it portable is an amazing invention. This really affected the society because it allowed users especially readers to make reading a lot easier with all the features like (audio books, font size, screen adjustments, etc.). Text to speech is also a big feature because they can just read them out loud for you so you can listen to your book while driving or doing chores or etc. Everyone is now forced to use technology because it had become such a big source to society that nowadays everything is on technology.

As E-Books are portable and they have many great features, they are also environmentally friendly. E-books don’t use any paper ultimately helping tree’s which benefits our nature. You can download as many books as you like without having to worry about space because it is all on one device. This technological system allows people to delete and install books, which in other words is capable of having any book. 

Also, E-books save a lot of time as people can purchase and immediately read it where there is no waiting time or shipping fee. Without printing and manufacturing costs of printed books, eBooks are much cheaper than traditional books. There is no need to overcrowd bookshelves as all books are sorted in the device. With E-books it is guaranteed the safety of all books where there are no worries of losing them, The process of manufacturing a printed book is long, but digital publishing can speed up the processing immediately. Authors and editors can easily update and publish a newer edition of the book without worrying about redistribution. The use of technology has Ultimately befitted society as it helps everyday difficulties.

Technology has impacted society in a way where it is forgetting the traditional ways of everyday activities. We have been using traditional written books for many years but that is forcibly changing from the progression of technology. The variety of books you can get on an eBook is mind blowing while normal books take a lot of space up. I learned that technology had pushed the traditional ways away and that technology has majorly improved our society.     

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