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The Power Of The Number Forty

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Man originates out of a crisis – the entire adventure from womb to this world; then he needs to experience it over and over again in numerous instances and appearances throughout his life until the point when he faces the last however most daringly intense one; death.

We, on the whole, are reckless when we are young though the greater part of us doesn’t even recognize it for a fact. We venture in whatever comes our way without the slightest hesitation. Life appears as though a long winding road where an adventure is waiting for us on every turn and we simply hop into it blindfolded with our tinted perceptions. In any case, as we age, the dust of these adventures settles and we enter a monotonous period of life where everything seems still. It appears like working out on a treadmill; where you are always moving, once in a while running fast breathlessly, yet not reaching anywhere. As though the motivation behind existence is just to survive; day in day out. This is the what physiologist called the mid-life crisis or the frightening 40s.I frequently hear individuals saying that forty is the new thirty (or fifty is the new forty); yet whatever we may consider it, at the forties we as a whole reach a point; where we find oneself mature enough to look past the daily ruffles of our lives and put forth an imperative inquiry; “Is this all there is?” or ” Is this why we are here?”

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The number forty holds certain significance in various cultures and religions. In mystic thought, forty symbolizes ascent from one level to higher; a kind of spiritual awakening. In eastern cultures, individuals grieve for their dearest for forty days. In love, they wait for forty days to be sure of their feelings. When a child is born, it takes him forty days to acclimate with the new world. The Noah ‘s flood took forty days to subside while purifying the face of the earth, consequently empowering people to make a fresh start. The Jesus remained in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. The Muhammad (PBUH) was forty years old when he got the call to prophethood in the surrender of Hira. Buddha reflected under the linden tree for forty days.

Till the age of forty, each individual had spent enough time in the world to be mindful. He enters amazingly another phase of life; where he becomes more cognizant; awakens spiritually. He gains the ability to look past the trifling issues of life and endeavors to grasp the greater scheme. In short at forty, we have more knowledge, more wisdom, few wrinkles and a touch of silver in our hair. These wrinkles are the maps on our faces that tell where we have been and to what magnificent future we are heading. There is nothing strong enough to defy the power of forty.


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