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The 'Predestination' Movie by Spierig

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The ‘Predestination’ movie is written and directed by Spierig brothers and movie is based on the short story written by Robert. A. Heinlein. The movie has four characters within the same person but in different time.

Jane, an abandoned baby, grew up in an orphanage and wants to become an astronaut because she likes Mathematics and Physics. She was so brilliant than the other children who were in the orphanage. But she got disqualified from the training and then she works in a home as servant. She joined night classes and accidentally met a man who was thinking like her. By falling in love with that man, she becomes pregnant. But the man leaves her. Then she gave a birth to baby and named that baby as a Jane.

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Now she heard a paradoxical statement from the doctor who had done a cesarean for her that she has both male & female genital organs. Doctor told her that they are able to save only male organ and want to do several operations to reconstruct the system. By this she got changed completely as a Male and changed her name as a John. John wants to become a astronaut, so that he again went to join space corps training and got refused. Then he works as a secret agent to find a bomber and went to New York. He got information about the bomber and tries to diffuse the bomb, but his face burnt badly due to exploding. By getting operation his face got changed and he becomes a Bartender in a bar by traveling to old time.

One day a man John came to his bar for a drink. Buy chatting with John he serves a bear. John starts telling Jane’s story to bartender. After that bartender tells that he can knows the way to take revenge on Jane’s boyfriend. By the time traveling machine Bartender and John travel back to the time where John and Jane met each other. While John waiting near the night class, he met Jane and came to know that he was the one who fall in love with Jane. He made Jane a pregnant and went away. Bartender goes back in time where his face burnt and helps him. Then Bartender goes ahead of time to steal the baby Jane from hospital and he put the baby in front of an orphanage where the abandoned baby Jane grew up. Bartender tells John that he was the John in future. Bartender helps John to become a secret agent and left. Finally Bartender wants to off the time machine, but machine shows. Error and he went to future to meet the bomber called Fizzle Bomber, who was the reason for explotion in the city. Bartender kill the bomber by thought that bomber can do it again.


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