The Preventions to Child's Cyber Security in Georgia

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21 century is known as technological era. Today, the whole civilized world is aware of the huge problem of digital technology through massive propaganda in different directions. The internet has also contributed to the growth of community groups to meet the activities and demands of Internet communities. Generating internet support and development starts from 2000s in Georgia. According to internet polls, internet user growth is constant and it had already reached total growth of 68.0% in 2017. There are 666 283 internet subscribers (apart from mobile internet users) in Georgia. Nowadays, as Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) shows in stats that over 1.5 million person uses mobile service data and half million people are internal network based consumers; plus to this almost 200 service providers are registered in Georgia. This numbers for the development country is high and same time dangerous, because the risk of insecurity is challenging and facing these problems can be fatal. The problem outrages itself and proves that Georgia does not have the law enforcement, which will regulate the internet. It has to be mentioned that the number of people who complain about the regulations are constantly progressive as well. According to GNCC’s annual report of 2018 there is by at least 413 complains. Most of the litigations are concerning children and the inappropriate content which they face to. On the other hand, there are popular internet games, like “Blue Whale”, which has fatal outcome. It must be said that Georgia faced several incidents’ linked with this types of games and all this together raises the feeling of insecurity.This situation proves that the law cannot regulate the free sphere, called internet. The users often face the problems within the inappropriate content, such as pornography, violence, drug usage, cyber bulling, etc. This is outraged by the fact that none of the governmental bodies or internet providers regulates the content in internal usage.“Technological platforms utilized for internet services are still considered as a growing technology in Georgia. On the one hand, our country is one of the regional leaders in terms of development of e-governance. However, on the other hand, Georgia has not overcome so called digital gap – uneven development of internet accessibility between cities and regions. It is noteworthy that according to International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies, internet is accessible for 45% of the population of Georgia.

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Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) regularly analyses the existing information in this field. This time institute addressed Georgian National Communication Commission for the request of corresponding data as of 2013. IDFI requested data on wired, wireless and mobile internet users according to regions, cities, technologies, authorized entities, physical and corporate users. Below we are presenting main findings after processing the received information”

Nowadays, Internet plays important role in a human’s life and it’s affordable for more and more people around the world. Access to the internet is free and there are millions of websites. However, many of them contain harmful contents for children. This problem particularly has been arisen in the developing countries and one of them is Georgia. Today, there is no internet regulation in the country. Especially, there is no anything that could control it. I think there must be some monitoring, which would control websites, detect harmful contents and provide security of personal information. Because of that, a lot of harmful contents, such as, violence, pornography, (deadly) online games and others frequently are affordable for children on various websites. These contents often cause harmful results, especially; it has very bad influence on children’s mental conditions.At the same time, in Georgia, children have no information how to deal with such dangerous contents and how to avoid problems with it. Especially, children can’t get information about internet-security and dangers existing on social media and other networks, because there aren't lessons or trainings about these matters in Georgian schools. Accordingly, children and their parents are vulnerable because they don’t know how to solve the problems. Moreover, there is no parental control software in Georgia and because of that, parents can’t control using of the internet by their children and can’t protect them from the harmful contents. In developed countries there is elaborated programs by means of it they can control there Childers in internet “The more connected we become the more we need everybody online – and that means trying to ensure that our children aren't exposed to the very worst content, ideas and behavior that exist online. That's why parental control software is so important – and some of the best tools are completely free. Software can't do everything, of course, and there's no substitute for being there supervising your kids directly online. Parental control software has its uses through, and can help to make parents' lives much easier – particularly once your kids are a little older and want more independence.” The issue itself is very sensitive, because nowadays whole world is connected to an internet and it is easiest and fastest way to take steps in this modern era. The issue is complex because we are talking about the biggest network nowadays but some countries like Germany, Netherlands and USA managed to secure their internal network throughout raising awareness and advocating processes, In order to improve the situation in Georgia, one should successfully address their needs. The absence of information negatively reflects on their security.

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