The Problem of Animal Poaching

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A cute little tiger cub is drinking water from the river with its mother, and then BAM! a cute little bullet pierces the tigers’ brains and leaves it lying by the river, dead. Oh, the inhumanity! This inhumane and illegal act of killing animals is called poaching. Many animals have been endangered or even extinct from poaching. The animal is mainly killed for its fur, ivory, or even its body parts. Poaching and selling animal parts illegal, that’s why it is sold in the black market in many countries.

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Poaching is an illegal activity that can involve killing or taking of wildlife for its products. Poaching can be considered not only when a certain animal is killed, but when any animal is killed out of season, without a license, with a prohibited weapon, or in an illegal manner such as jacklighting. What is jacklighting? Jacklighting is the practice of when a hunter shines a light into the forest or at a field (of course in the night) to spot an animal to hunt. Why is this illegal? “In some areas, jacklighting is illegal because it is considered unsporting and dangerous because the hunters cannot see far enough beyond the targeted animal”.

Moving on from the fact that poaching is illegal, it can also cause massive destruction. Many animals are critically endangered or even extinct because of poaching. Animals like elephants, tigers, rhinos, lemurs, and even some sea animals. Poachers are the biggest threat for african rhinos and elephants today. There are only two Northern White Rhinos left in the world. Sea animals like the largest mammal on Earth, the Blue Whale is endangered from poaching. There were once about 100000 tigers in the wild in 1990. In 20 years the tiger’s population has declined about 96 %. Now there are only about 3890 tigers left in the world. Now, you may wonder why these innocent animals are hacked to death. Hunters kill the animals in desire for their fur or ivory and/or its body parts. Having ivory is a symbol of wealth in parts of China. Rhinos are poached mainly for its horns, they are used in Traditional Chinese medicine and also is a sign of wealth in China.

Elephants on the other hand are hunted for its ivory tusks, meat, and body parts, while baby elephants are captured from their homes in the wild and are sold to the tourism industry. The ivory tusks of the elephant can be used to make jewelry and ornaments. China is the main consumer for these illegal products. Due to the large size of the blue whales and the large supply of blubber, blue whales are hunted. “In the past blue whales were hunted for oil, lamp oil, perfume, candle, and cosmetics”. Tigers are poached for their pelts and body parts. Their body parts are used to prepare traditional medicine and folk remedies. Their pelts are extremely valuable in the black market and used to create fashion items.

Furthermore, you may ask which in countries is poaching more of a problem. The countries in which poaching is a big problem are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, China, and the Philippines. Nearing to the end, you may wonder where and what the black market is, and. As a matter of fact, the black market is “an illegal traffic or trade in officially controlled or scarce commodities”. There is no official address of the black market (or else the police would go barging in). It is known that there is almost a “black market” in every country for organ trade and illegal fur trade. Not just illegal animal products are sold there, but all types of illegal things like human organs and etc.

Last but not least, a significant amount of people think that game hunting and poaching are both illegal. The answer is no, there is a clear difference between both of them. Well, obviously that poaching is illegal and hunting is not, and that poaching is the illegal act of killing animals out of season, without a license, with a prohibited weapon, or in an illegal manner. If you hunt without a license that is considered poaching, and poaching is hunting without the approval of the person who owns the land.

In conclusion, I would like to state my personal opinion about poaching. I think that poaching is an inhumane act and should be banned (although it is already banned). There should be a higher penalty or punishment for those who get caught poaching and that we should all try our best to try and stop poaching and to conserve animals for the next generation.

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