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The Problem Of Catching Criminals Or Do We Want Peace?

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Law enforcement initially gained support of the public because the community felt mistreated and disrespected from the military, who were in charge of policing before the government created a separate branch in charged of public relations and protection. The reason this information is important is that law enforcement was created to maintain the peace and create a sense of protection and calmness in the public. To do that crime prevention is necessary implication of policing, acting only after a crime is committed still cause the peace to be disrupted. Granted the apprehension of criminal reduces additional crime for reoccurring, the public is still exposed to violence or the effects of the crime.

Catching someone amidst the act isn’t always enough, the community supports law enforcement because they trust that they will keep their well-being in mind and to protect them; however, to do so they need to prevent the crime before it occurs. When they arrest criminals they uphold the peace, but when they make an arrest before any crime is committed we shielded the peace from every being exposed to the crime. Having laws in place, allowing officers the legal rights to intervene in an inchoate crime alone can influence the amount of crimes committed alone. Now an individual is more likely to second guest their cognitions of attempting a crime. There also needs to be regulations put in placed to protect people who might never really have the intention to commit the crimes, only to solely fantasize. That’s why each state has to specify at what point in time are the actions reflecting that of a criminal. The whole point of even having these laws in place is to protect the people, the spirit of the law would be loss if officers are arresting and prosecuting people who never really had the intentions or capabilities of committing the crimes they planned.

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This subject is highly debatable though, some might argue that having immoral thoughts is enough to question the character of others, while some will believe as long you do not act on your impulse it is fine. Do we want peace only because there are repercussions against does who break the law or because society as a whole is ethical?? We want to positively reinforced those who realize that what they are doing is wrong, but at the same time letting so many avoid consequences. That why there is also different levels of punishment for those who plan on breaking the law; such as, conspiracy and attempt, one being more severe. At the end of the day, I believe the reason these why our country has created a system to punish people even if no crime was committed is one step closer to peace. Prior to these laws officers were forced to wait before a crime happened to act or make arrest, unable to prevent and damage that needed to be done before doing their jobs. This gives a huge amount of power to policing, and helped to create problem-oriented policing a lot easier.


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