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Death of expertise is a problem in which ignorant people are choosing to punish society for their own mistakes. It is our job to trust one another in each individual specialty because no one person is going to have all of the answers.In order to make the best decisions for society as a whole, we need to have experts in various areas to counsel and guide us. Citizens are beginning to dismiss the validity of considered, experienced advice from experts. People are stubborn in nature and do not want to be told anything that should alter the way they think or the way they live. An ordinary person is doomed to trusting false information because they don’t take the time to find valid sources to support their argument and weaken the counterargument. A rejection of expertise not only rejects knowledge as power, but also the way that we learn and gain this valuable insight. When we think of an expert, it immediately causes us to think of someone with authority and power.

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Tom Nichols claims that Americans all want equality and therefore they are disavowing expertise. It is important to recognize that these ordinary citizens believe that their opinions matter, not based on the strength of their arguments or evidence but based on feelings and emotions. If we want society to grow and progress towards a brighter future, the experts are necessary. They help eliminate bias and use science and rational thought to find what is best for society. Their opinion is the one that actually matters because without real experts, then everyone suddenly becomes an “expert” on everything. Conspiracy theories created by these less competent people result in moral panic and harms the innocent. People choose to blame the experts when something in society is failing rather than trying to blame their own ignorance and lack of trust towards experts.

A greater sociological science expertise would be beneficial to society because it would help to determine the causes of certain problems and provide an easier way to brainstorm how to eliminate them. Tom Nichols makes the case that higher education is making the problem worse rather than better. This is because of the lack of mutual respect and trust between people and experts. Sociologists work with facts and although the experts may not always be right, they are far more likely to be right that anyone else. Sociological experts are created through education and experience. History is bound to repeat itself and experts can use past reforms to benefit our society based on where it is now. Experts dedicate their lives to know what is best in their articular field and society is the only thing holding them back from making a change for the better.People often forget that being opinionated and having a vast knowledge on a certain topic are not the same thing. A social science expert will help society flourish based on the past, patterns, and trends. It is our job to enable them to help and allow progress to be made rather than eliminating the expertise as a whole.

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