The Problem of Digital Piracy and Its Possible Solution

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One of the many problems the Media Technology industry faces is Piracy. Piracy is not the pirates you see in movies and shows. It is the illegal download of films. Yes, downloading films for free is a crime and can become a big problem. A solution to diminish this crime would be to make a software that can track file downloads. Once it tracks a download happening, then payment should be necessary to continue. I purpose that to solve piracy, we should make software that scans film downloads.

There are laws that are being violated daily, but we aren't aware of it. In this situation, people are downloading movies for free. Then selling them in a DVD form and getting profit from it. This problem has brought my attention because it's a situation that's happening daily. Today, our technology is more innovative and updated than what it was 10-15 years ago. Technology back then consisted of DVD players and CDs. Throughout the years the method of committing piracy changed. Nowadays, DVD players are being left behind. Because, stuff like Netflix now exist and films can be easily seen on devices like phones, iPad's and even TV. People affected by this problem are the creators, companies of these films. These films are being stolen from big and famous industries like Hollywood, Universal Studios, Walt Disney studios, Lions-gate Films, etc... Not only are these industries are being affected but also the crew members. Movies are in the free-market which means less money for these agencies. Less money means crew members are not getting paid as much as they should be. This ends up with loss of jobs throughout the company.

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A solution would be to make stricter laws against this type of behavior. Another option would be to make an online software. This software will scan downloads and detect if they purchased the film download. If the software doesn't detect any type of buy done, then it will notify the authorities. If it's a first timer, then a warning will be sent to the address where the download detected. Somehow this will help and resolve the problem. People will be more scared to risk downloading films for free. Instead, they will be buying them to prevent getting a fine or into legal trouble. No matter how big these companies are they still have rights. They can sue if they detect that these films are being stolen from them and now people are seeing them for free. These companies feel threatened when their films are being seen online for free. It means they are not making money from it. Also, they aren't getting the credit they should be. By being stricter with these laws it will help. Then companies and film studios will now be receiving their profit that was spent in the film. By receiving their profit back, they will now be able to pay off their crew members. This will affect those who can't afford to buy movies. Also, movie websites that use pirate films won't be making any money as they do nowadays. People that were selling DVDs movies will run out of business and won't be making any more money.

From my freshman to current high school year I've learned a lot about the film industry. One of many things my pathway has learned that's important is copyright. Copy Right is a law that has been made to protect authors, movie industries, websites, artists, etc... It protects them by giving them the full authority of their work. Other people can't use their work for any reason unless quoted or given credit. If not given credit than the owners of the work can sue you and get you into legal trouble. Sometimes to use other people's work, you must contact the person. You must get their permission, sometimes it all depends on the owner of the work and their copyrights.

In conclusion, software that scans film downloads will help solve the illegal download of films. People are selling DVDs to people. Also, making websites so people can watch movies illegally. This is making the creators of films lose profit from their work.

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