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The Problem Of Fake News

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News is something which contains the outcome of new sources fact and figures but sometimes it can mislead by distributing fake news. Everyone in this world is stick to newspapers tv radio social media some news editors can take advantage of this as they know people will believe them if they edit news to some intense outcome. Hence to be known as fake news. It is very much related to hoax and misleading every 3rd person in the world. Fake news can sometimes discomfort a ordinary person a official or a government. Fake news can mislead schools institutions hospitals.

Fakenews can lead us to the hatred against religion, politics, celebrities or agencies which can lead to riots in today’s world it is challenging because one fake news can change the whole impact of the story and it can change the point of view of persons mind depending on situation. It is the propaganda set by some news editors to earn some money by distributing it. It can generate a lot of revenue for the media company as they need news as early as possible and then leaking it on social sites like facebook twitter and by thousands shares or thousands tweets can can bring them a huge revenue. We use whatsapp every day and see text messages but sometimes there the news that have some interesting facts and we forward it to friends or in groups this way it reaches to one thousand smartphones with in one hour. Local communites can play a very vital role in this by spreading it.

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In india mostly people from rural areas are much aware of the things happening in the world. if they find something strange about news. Then they can only spread hatred or do riots because they are mainly ignored by the government authorities. Fake news has become a threat to a journalism and media as it challenges them to tackle every situation which is not right and that is hoax. It can put a lot of efforts to remove such news which has no source or the editor is not verified.

Nowadays whole world is fed up of fake news as it act like a nuclear bomb which explode in such intense power and destroy everything near it or miles away and people can get hurt by it. We need to tackle every situation and solve it but sometimes it cant be done without the help of others. Just like that we need to come together to tackle fake news. And completely vanish it from the world. If fakenews continue to grow then it can lead to the more major problem in every part of the world.


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