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The Problem of Human's Dependence of Gas

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Gas is used by many things and most everyone in the world, through cars, tractors, trucks, and to travel to get from point A to point B. Our society today depends mostly on cars or other gasoline related products that are considered transportation, which has created a very big problem in our economy. The complaints against high gas prices has led the Congress to act and create a policy on price controls and allocating gasoline. They created a point system that will benefit the economy as a whole, helping everyone, and accommodating to priority needs. The point system consists of 25 points, in which it will be distributed to the following groups: truckers, public safety, public transit, airlines, businesses, parents, teens, student/workers/, seniors, low income workers, hybrids, and farmers. The reason behind rationing gas is to accommodate to high priority gas users and also create a price ceiling as to not over spend on gasoline, while also avoiding not over using gas because of the low gas prices, creating a shortage in gas supply.

People lose the ability to rely on themselves. A lot of people will start to stay home more and stock up on food to make fewer trips to store. It is inconvenient for families that have more than 4 children. That means they will have to pay a lot to get on the bus or subway. Usually a bus has to go to multiple bus stations, so people can transfer over to another bus to get to their destination because most buses only run on a certain route the entire day. It takes longer to ride a bus rather than if you had your own car because you have to stop at every bus stop which makes the ride much longer. If you never ridden a bus you have to know all the bus routes ahead of time to make sure you don’t get lost or you’re going to end up lost and late to wherever you’re trying to go.

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Most of the big corporates and airlines win in this scenario because they are supplied with most gas while all the citizens are forced to ride the bus or subway, depends on where you live. But without the big businesses, what will we do to supply ourselves with food and supplies. Would you rather have to make your own clothes and food and have gas to drive to work and to your kid games or would you rather give up one item in your life that will save you money every year and you don’t have to rely on making items on your own. People never want to have to ration gas, but we are using a lot of gas and our supply is getting very low. Corporates win with getting gas and people win with saving money every year but lose their car and are forced to take public transit to work everywhere and that make their days more complicated. The only benefit that comes out of this, is that gas supply will stay up and will be able to have gas later in our future.

. In the 1970s, when the price of oil tripled on the world market the then President of United States, Nixon executed a price ceiling, on both crude oil and gasoline (Price Control on Gasoline). A price ceiling is a government-imposed limit on how high a price can be charged on a product. For a price ceiling to be effective, it must be less than equilibrium price. A price ceiling can have several effects including demander’s finding that they can now buy the same product at a much lower price, or suppliers not being able to charge as much as they had been before for their product, resulting in suppliers dropping out of the market. For example, in the 70s there was a maximum price allowed by law to be charged for gasoline. Any gas station owner charging more than this maximum price would be guilty of fraud. Price controls were used to help address the shortage of gasoline. Both outcomes have a negative side effect, having the consumer’s demand exceed the supply and causing shortage issues, leading to black markets. For this reason, the point system has been made to ensure our economic prosperity, and to not fall into economic downfall from shortages in gas supply or over spending on gasoline.

I like to feel secure and in order for that to be accomplished I would rather give a good amount of gas to public safety to ensure that we stay protected. That’s the most important one because if the government has to ration gas and they give the people the right to vote, majority of the population will vote for public safety. Of course, you will have some people thinking of themselves and think that they should get more gas also but think of it like this. If you take gas from seniors, teens, students and parents and instead give their gas to public transit, they can easily ride the bus to get to places. Most people would agree that it would make them late to work but all you have to do is find a bus stop that gets you to work before you have to be there, and you will make it on time. If we unfortunately have to ration on gas, then businesses should be smart and work with the bus schedule and their employees.

In order for us to get grocery supplies and other necessary items we need then truckers and businesses will need a good amount of gas also. How do you think we get food at Walmart? Corporations provide items such as clothing, toilet paper, toothpaste, and etc. They need a good amount to travel across the United States to transport all the things we need in order to survive. I mean you can make a lot of things on your own but who has time for that, parents are busy working to provide for their family. That’s why we need to give gas to businesses and then they can help out the truckers who can supply us with the necessary items to survive.

Farmers are very important to our society, but they aren’t really a need because we transport a lot of our food from other countries especially fruit. Therefore, we should give the most gas to airlines because they bring in a lot of money to our economy and allows for trade to happen around the world. It’s also the fastest way to travel and helps us with importing and exporting food, which brings in more money to the economy once again. If farmers get gas, it will be a very small amount because the farmers in the previous days made their farm prosper without the need of gas.

People who can’t really afford gas should save their money on better items such as food and water. Low income workers can ride the bus for $3.00 a day and can save them hundreds of dollars a year and can probably afford a house or a nice apartment for them or their family. If you are going to buy a hybrid that is half electric and half gas, then you need little to no gas because if you run out of gas you can just use the electric part of the car for the rest of the month really. Plus, they don’t need that many gallons to fill up anyways.

In order to keep economic prosperity, the point system was made to ensure the comfort for all. The 25 points were allocated mostly to those in high priority to gas, including airlines, public safety, truckers, businesses and public transportation so that our way of life is not too harshly changed. Although not everyone’s wants can be met, everyone’s needs can, which is a necessary adjustment during this hard time of price control. If the point system had not been created, the price ceiling created by the congress’s newly passed legislature, would have created a shortage in gasoline supply, resulting in no gas at all, completely altering anyone’s lives who relies on gasoline oriented objects. In order to keep everyone happy, gas has been allocated to those in high priority, ensuring future economic prosperity in contrast to having unrationed gas. Thank you all for your understanding, and we will all get through this together.


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