The Problem of Misuse of Photoshop

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Pictures are all around us. They are on advertisements, magazines, social media, and many other places. Most of these images have been altered, especially those that have people in them. Photoshop is used on these images to make them more appealing. Most of the time too much Photoshop is used and this is an issue.

The misuse of Photoshop is a problem. It is a problem because it creates body image issues. Some would argue that body image was an issue way before Photoshop was created. Although this might be true, the use of Photoshop to manipulate images has contributed to the rise in body image issues. Studies show there has been an increase of body image issues since editing software was created. Some people go to extremes to make them like the way they look, and they often regret it. If these programs were used responsibly there might not be as much negative impact on society.

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It is a problem because it creates a false sense of what a normal person should look like. Some might say that everyone has a different opinion of what “normal” is. Yes, but someone’s opinion of normal can be greatly influenced by edited images. Models on the cover of magazines and on social media provide an unrealistic representation of what a normal and attractive body type is. Due to the unrealistic fantasies implemented by these images, a good portion of the population want to change themselves to meet the standards of a normal appearance. This can potentially lead to health problems if not done in a healthy and safe way.

It is a problem because it can cause some people to lead an unhealthy lifestyle when trying to achieve the “ideal appearance”. Usually to reach your ideal appearance you lead a healthy lifestyle. In this case, the people who are deeply affected by these images want quick results which are often achieved by unhealthy methods. Instant gratification is a big part of today’s society. Because of this, people will find the quickest way to get the results they want, and most of these methods are unsafe. Is your health really less important than the physical and mental problems that will come along with taking the easy way out to get what you want? If you are willing to risk your health to look like a model, then there is something wrong with the way that the ideal look is presented.

It heavily impacts younger generations because they are more impressionable. Younger children should not be exposed to things containing Photoshop in the first place. Many people will agree with this statement, but the fact is that edited and manipulated images are all around us. It is hard to shelter the younger generations from something that is so surrounding. Companies should be mindful about the message they are sending out to young girls and boys in their advertisements. A young girl who grows up dreaming about looking like the woman on the cover of a magazine is going to have trouble with her self-image since she has been comparing herself to them for so long. Kids should not have to grow up worrying about their weight and what they look like.

It is also a problem because it gives the photography industry a negative reputation. Some might believe that society’s opinion on Photoshop does not impact the photography industry very much. The industry receives a great deal of grief due to the backlash of misusing editing software. Many photographers are getting less business depending on how much manipulating they do to their images. The whole industry is suffering due to the portion of photographers who misuse Photoshop on their pictures. If the photography industry collapses due to this, a lot of other industries will be impacted such as advertising and social media.

It is a problem because the use of Photoshop is everywhere, so it is a common issue. Some say it is not as common of an issue because companies are now starting to be against Photoshop. A very small handful of companies are taking a stand against Photoshop. Photoshop is all around us, it is not just altered models on a magazine cover. It is used to make most advertisements. Because it is so common in everyday life, people are more susceptible to be influenced by it. This often leads them to get down on themselves for what they see. There is no way to avoid Photoshop in this day and age.

Another reason it is an issue is because not only can it cause physical issues, it can cause mental issues such as depression. Some people might believe that a simple picture is not going to make you want to change everything about yourself. Yes, a single picture might not. Over time though the thousands of pictures you will see might spark something inside of you to want to be like someone other than yourself. When you compare yourself to others you are constantly putting yourself down. This self-hate and other factors have been proven to lead to depression. Imagine being so dissatisfied with yourself that you become depressed because you think you will never look like a model. Being depressed because of your own appearance is no way to live.

The misuse of Photoshop is a problem. It can cause body image issues which can lead to health issues in some cases. It negatively impacts the photography industry as well as leaving a negative impression on the younger generations. Physical and psychological problems have emerged from the reactions of manipulated photos. These pictures and advertisements are all over the place, so it is hard to ignore that this is an issue. Society needs to be made aware of how bad the misuse of Photoshop is affecting people.

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