The Problem of Obesity in the Film "Supersize Me" by Morgan Spurlock

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Supersize Me is a film by Morgan Spurlock, that emphasizes the message of the danger and effects of McDonald’s and their effects on people's health. He got the idea from a case of two girls who were going after McDonald’s for their obesity. As an experiment, Spurlock decided to have only McDonald’s food for a 30 day period and also examine the effect of fast food on his your health. In movie, the audience witnesses changes that the fast food had not only on his physical health and mental health too. Spurlock effectively delivers his message through the use of sarcasm, persuade, and zooming in on specificThe first technique spurlock uses to deliver his message is sarcasm. He uses sarcastic tone on some of the facts he represents. For example, Spurlock said, “America has the fattest people in the world. Congratulations!’(Super Size Me).

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He shows picture of obese people sitting or eating, which is also another technique that he uses as he focuses on certain things to reveal a certain message. Spurlock could have shown pics of them walking or exercising but he presented these pictures to imply that they are lazy and obese due to the unhealthy food they have eaten from fast food restaurants. He also includes songs that make fun of fast food places like McDonald’s to make the it more entertaining.

Spurlock persuades the audience to believe that fast food is not healthy by talking to a general surgeon who says that the obesity is the main causes of death after smoking. He also talked to a nutritionist which I think was effective, she showed how the sizes of Coke and fries in fast food restaurants have gotten bigger and bigger over time. The nutritionist even explains the dangers that fast food has on kids and how diabetes has recently gone up. Spurlock also says that one of the reasons why kids love McDonald’s is because it now targets kids with hosting birthday parties, toys, having a playground in the restaurant.

Spurlock uses zooming in on specific things. For instance he goes into a McDonald’s or passes by it he zoom in on their ads. I think Spurlock is trying to point out that people are being conned by McDonald’s into believing in the fact that there feeding billions everyday is a good thing, which it is not. There a part of the reason why diseases like diabetes are increasing among the kids and adults. A another thing that he zoomes on is people walking on the streets wearing McDonald’s shirts which basically using people as free ads to promote their brand.

I think Morgan Spurlock’s movie is really persuasive in telling the dangers of eating fast food. The nutritionist asked to eat a maximum of 2,500 calories a day which in the movie Spurlock ate over 5,000 calories a day. This brings to light the argument of him gaining so much weight or not if he wouldn't have exceeded the maximum amount of calories he ate. Spurlock every day exercised and walked to work but stopped doing both when he started to eat the McDonald’s diet which shows that his experiment was inaccurate when you like about it.

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