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The Problem of Political Ignorance in Pakistan

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Political ignorance is one of the main problem of World especially Pakistan. Ignorant people don’t have any proper knowledge and information to choose their government. They believe that their single vote cannot change the outcome of whole election. The main cause of political ignorance is not having education. They also don’t know that how good selection can be fruitful for their development and prosperity and an unfair selection be very dangerous. Unfair selection always makes and environment of political unstability. Politically ignored people cannot be successful in their lives. People don’t have any idea about economic and political situation of their country.

Causes of Political Ignorance

Illiteracy is main cause of political ignorance. How an uneducated person select a perfect person to govern the country? Having no proper information and knowledge of the situation of country no one can select a perfect person to govern on them. So, for a perfect solution education a necessary factor. In Pakistan about 40 percent of people are illiterate. This huge amount of people are unaware about the political problems and policies of the political parties that could be fruitful for country.

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Lack of interest can lead to the political ignorance. Pakistani people believe that how a single vote can change the outcome of whole election. So they cannot votes in general elections and local election. This leads the low outcome of whole elections. 49.7% people does not take part in the general election of 2018 (wiki 2018). This huge amount effects the elections outcomes.

Favoritism about political leaders is also an example of political ignorance. People always vote to a single person or party because they are emotionally attached to them. Despite to know that these party is not working for they still support them showing sincerity for them. This is the most dangerous thing that people are not thinking about the future of them and their children. They don’t know that how a perfect man can work for them to make their lives better.

Effect of Political Ignorance

Democracy failure is effect of by political ignorance. Politically ignored people cannot take decision about their selection. They always rely on other just like there are groups in Pakistan one leader of the group take the decision about all the other members of group. They don’t argue with him because they don’t have ability to elect anyone. They are unaware about the policies of parties. They have no concern which party is responsible for different bad and good policies. They are just obeying the leaders of their leaders. Another factors is that people always give to that party that was selected by their parents. They always that party if leadership of that party is gone in wrong hands. The selection of disqualified parties or leaders leads the country in critical situation when they don’t solve the governing conflicts then army remove the political leaders.


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