Poverty and Homelessness in Modern World


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When we talk about poverty we do not only refer to the situation but to the consequences that affect their daily life. Poverty is the “lack of goods and services necessary to meet basic needs. Food, access to housing, health or education are considered the main basic needs of every human being” which exist when a person cannot meet their physical needs, such as nutrition, clothing or housing etc. that prevents them from having a decent standard of living, created due to a series of causes resulting in serious consequences that affect an individual or a population, Dominguez and Martin (2006). Without these needs covered, it is considered that a human being has not reached a minimum level in terms of quality of life. The lack of employment or insufficient income are closely related to the lack of coverage of basic needs, which is why they are considered Poverty indicators.

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Geographical environment. There are environments that are prone to natural phenomena such as earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes and floods, which can directly damage their economy, leading to the general population’s shock This is because maybe people do not have a better place to live or simply do not have the help they need because the government is selfish and does not care about the people who really need it, they usually help people who do not they need just because they think that these people are worth more than one of limited resources This brings as a consequence, Food shortage Families affected by poverty do not have basic food in their food basket to cover their needs, which leads to malnutrition of the group of individuals. How do we think that people with recusal difficulties survive if they do not have any support or any organization that provides food and a decent roof. another very important cause is the lack of employment we are in a country with very few sources of employment and too many unemployed people, in this country everything is governed by the economic status that a person has, for people of limited resources there are no good opportunities jobs, this is the product of bad education, it is very difficult to find a decent job if there is no education, this is because of a bad government, someone who does not know how to carry on a whole country.

This results in homeless people, people who do not have to eat, illnesses, people who die every day because they do not have to pay for a doctor or a health center or even do not have how to get there, and nobody cares about them, since they exclude them from society and do not take them into account unless they need something from them. Poverty is a global problem caused by many factors, being a problem not so easy to settle, but it depends on the commitment of a state and society to ensure the welfare of a community. We do not have to wait for thousands of people to die act but on the contrary react to avoid this kind of suffering, as human beings we have the capacity and the resources to change and promote a better development where there is economic equality. where the individual can have a decent life, where opportunities are created as jobs, access to education and above all to include them as a society that we are.

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