The Problem of Teenage Pregnancy

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Table of Contents

  • The Difficulty of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Think Before You Act
  • Teenage Pregnancy Statistics (Philippines)
  • The Necessity of Sex Education

The Difficulty of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is probably not going to be easy. Many people say it is hard enough just being a teenager by itself-add in pregnancy and all that planning and preparing that comes with it, and it becomes even more challenging. Teenagers who engage in early gets pregnant age 15 to 19 which is understood to occur girl who hasn't completed her core educational-secondary school has few or no marketable skill, is financially dependent upon her parents or continuous to live another and is mentally immature (Erick, 2017).

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Think Before You Act

(Simon, 2006) Sometime, teenagers doesn't notice what we're doing in our daily live, they only think of fun and all but the truth it, fun can cost big problems. They drink, they sex, they smoke like it is not a sin and boom! You wake up! Lost your virginity and the next thing you know you're not the only one in your body. Teenage pregnancy is the common problem of people nowadays specially in Philippines. Your just a teenage girl wanting all the fun in the world but the fun can trap you life a prisoner in the near future.Think before you act!

Teenage Pregnancy Statistics (Philippines)

Teenage pregnancy is an alarming case today. Many teenagers are already pregnant at a young age and most of them are engaging in premarital sex. This could be the cause of same sexually transmitted disease. In the society teenage pregnancy is considered in appropriate and should be avoided. Teenage pregnancy has been a worldwide issue that needs to be confronted to mitigate the problems of maternal adolescent childbearing. In fact, it has emerged to be one of the major public health problems in Philippines. It is reported in Philippines that adolescent pregnancy is one of the serious health threat for women aged 15 to 19 years old (Petra, 2016). In Philippines, the ratio of teenage mothers to women in their 20s who actually die during pregnancy and childbirth is 5:1. In addition, they likely have more higher mortality rates for infants (Ameron, 2012).

The Necessity of Sex Education

All of the emergent reflected the lived experiences of the participations in their teenage pregnancy and motherhood journeys. The awakening the period of adolescence depicted the growth and development of a girl to a lady. It also showed how teenagers struggled about their bodily changes and how they can fit into society. Peer pressure is one of the major challenges at this point. Proper guidance from the parents and family members should be offered to teenagers not to feel being left behind. Sex education in the school should already have been initiated to keep away teenagers from discovering it by themselves. By knowing the effects and disadvantages of teenage pregnancy and early parenthood, this would teach them to become a responsible person. Therefore, educating teenagers is still the best way to prevent teenage pregnancy. The overall proposition of the study involves with the essence of "health problem." This serves as an "eye opener" to individuals to get involve in the public awareness, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the programs that would build sustainable development. Active involvement is a pre-requisite to success. As early as possible sex education should be incorporated in the curriculum of the intermediate and secondary school to properly educate them on the effects and disadvantages of early pregnancy.

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