The Problematic Dilemmas Brought by the Student Loan Debt


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Over the last couple of decades, student loans have shot through the roof. Schools have become much bigger and are needing more money from the students. This in turn, causes a huge increase in the amount of debt graduates have. Most of these graduates even find it hard to get jobs for the field in which they majored. Therefore, they have trouble even paying the minimum payments required.

In the article, “Unpacking the Student Loan Dilemma,” It states that in the 2014 report it says that over the past 30 years college tuition has skyrocketed by 538%. This doesn’t even count towards living expenses and things you’d just want to buy. In the present people have more debt because of student loans than their parents did when they left college. The article also states that even with the with numbers like these, students still get loans in hopes that they will get a better job than if they did not go to college.

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The second article, “Dealing with Student Debt,” it mentions someone named Philip Rodgers. He works as a restaurant food server unable to find a job in the field he went to school for. The article states that he did not know how much debt he had until his federal deferment agreement expired and he started having to pay his debt off. Rogers says, “I see myself never being able to retire.” This is because he has other bills to pay and he is only able to pay the bare minimum, but with the 6% interest rate, he can barely make a dent in it.

Both articles provide evidence on how getting a student loan can cause very problematic dilemmas in the future. They also provide little to no argument on whether it is actually good to get a student loan. “Dealing with Student Debt” gives information on how to reduce the amount of debt you have and can get by, attending a community college, staying in state, or taking online courses. In the article, a financial planner says that you should not take on a loan larger than you will be able to pay.

Student loans can be helpful at times, depending on what you want to be in the future. Sometimes you will not be able to find a job in that field, and sometimes it will work out for you and you will have a bright future. Whatever the case is choose what you think is best to achieve your goals. Do not get stuck in debt with a loan you knew you couldn’t have paid off.

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