The Problems of My Neighbourhood

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The Problems of My Neighbourhood

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  • Introduction
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • The Other Problems
  • Conclusion


The environment is having a huge impact on your health and lifespan in your neighborhood and surrounding community. Wherever you live, it determines how safe your drinking water is, whether you have access to healthy food, how often you exercise outdoors, and whether you breathe clean air. Officials of public health are always looking for ways to close the gap between ZIP codes. The Neighborhood I live in it's called Throgs Neck and Co-Op city which includes City Island Co-op, Country Club, Pelham Bay, Schuylerville, Throgs Neck and Westchester Square. This area in the eastern part of the Bronx, The zip code of the area is 10461. The total population estimated at 121,868 people. There are older people living by age than the younger generation. In this neighborhood, 14% of the people are living in poverty compared to the 20% of people that are living in New York City. The unemployment rate is also similar to citywide off about 9%. people pay more than 30% on rent which makes it hard for people to tell for food Clothing transportation and healthcare. The social conditions are pretty cool people are willing to help one another which is beyond the rest of the city.

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Childhood Obesity

There is a lot of health that my neighborhood is facing from preterm births to childhood obesity. Every problem has a scale. The two main problems that my neighborhood is facing are childhood obesity and Hypertension. Childhood Obesity is the main problem because kids have no idea what they are putting in there mouth. In the data, it says "A quarter of Throgs Neck and Co-op City children in grades K through 8 have obesity. This is higher than the citywide rate of one in five". We as older adults are failing to educate them about diet and nutrition. Many obese children become obese adults, particularly when one or both of them are obese. also, there are many other factors like for example in the neighborhood there is 1 supermarket for every 7 Bodegas. "Bodegas are less likely to have healthy food options than supermarkets". For example when I interview my friend Valon he said: "Healthy food is available but they are super expensive so that's why many families are not able to buy healthy food for their children" also in my photo assignment we can see there are lots of fast-food restaurants in the area. Obesity at a younger age can lead to so many problems later in life, for example, it can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


Hypertension is another big problem that my neighborhood is facing the rate is about 37% which is way higher than the rest of New York City."Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke". There are lots of reasons people have Hypertension one reason could be how many fast-food restaurants are available in my neighborhood which comes bad fats to high in salt which is linked to high blood pressure because healthy food is so expensive so the people in the neighborhood have to go with unhealthy option. Another reason it could because my neighborhood has so many undocumented immigrants which can really bring stress to people they are always worried about being deported. Being undocumented immigrants can be Sources of stress because they are always worried about something. We see that everyday family are falling apart because people not having legal papers to live in America.

The Other Problems

There are some cases where my neighborhood is better than the average New York City neighborhoods and some cases where it's the worst. Like in my neighborhood people get lots of physical activity compared to New York or getting flu vaccination on time. But when it comes to cancer disease drug-related diabetes and Accident in Premature death is the worst. Premature is bad females don't take care of themself. Females are still drinking while being pregnant which is one the reasons for premature death. Cancer is ranked number one. One reason for cancer being so is because people don't want to get a screen for cancer also lots of cancer caused by using tobaccos and in this neighborhoods over 70% of people use tobacco. heart disease ranks number two drug-related ranks number three in diabetes it ranks number four and last, accidents ranks number five.


Healthy neighborhoods provide areas where walking and cycling are safe and convenient and where people of all ages and abilities can be physically active. Nutritious, fresh, culturally appropriate food – wherever possible grown locally – is affordable and accessible, promoting health and boosting the local economy. People are not exposed to environmental hazards or toxins that endanger their safety or well-being in the present or future. There are some solutions that my neighborhood is trying to address some of these negative health issues. There are some healthy food restaurants are opening up which are offering quality food at a low cost. Now fast food places now started to offer some healthy options like pizza places now have vegan or low-fat cheese options. The parks around the neighborhood now have workout stuff for those who can't afford to go to the gym during summer the city offers living fit talks in the park. The government started to build bike lanes for people to start to get some exercise. The Library is starting to have nutrition and health classes to bring awareness to the people on how to live a healthy lifestyle

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