The Problems Presented by Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is considered the movement of individuals into a destination country of which they do not have native status across international boundaries as a means of settling and residing there. The United States has experienced increased number of immigrants especially after the postwar period. It has been indicated that escape from poverty among other personal reasons have been the driving force for immigrants together with natural disasters that can increase the flows. The economic impacts that immigration creates have been highlighted as the most significant issue affecting different countries towards policy formation and regulation. It has also been expressed that on the general premise, workers are wellspring of modest work instead of the selective and special nationals who flood the work showcase. The underlying passage into the US ought to be the standard determinant on lawfulness of the candidates. The advocates of unlawful migration point to the need of distinguishing proof and documentation as far as the lawfulness inside the fringes. Overall, illegal immigration should be addresses by solidified laws in order to consider international laws without discrimination.

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The movement of individuals into a destination country of which they do not have native status across international boundaries as a means of settling and residing there is referred to as immigration. In most cases, the people involved do not have the rightful citizenship and usually procure permanent residence. In other instances, the involved people are not naturalized citizens and often look to take up any employment opportunities as migrant workers in the destination countries. Their inability to see formal recognition even in the slightest indication of foreign workers creates a conundrum leading to a surge of illegal inhabitants in the respective nation. The undocumented inhabitants in such a situation provide political economic social and relational effects that can generate mixed reactions across board. The United States has experienced increased number of immigrants especially after the postwar period. The given statistics show that over 12 million undocumented residents exist in the country causing demographic changes and providing stressors on various elements of provision, living, and the quality of life. The issue of illegal immigration is an international concern that requires sober policymaking and effective solutions that do not depict negative international relations and inconsideration to human rights, but place the national interests as priority regarding economic, social, security, and cultural influences.


Aspects of Immigration Understanding the theories that influence illegal immigration is necessary when constituting reasonable approaches to solving the issue and providing applicability to all the involved parties. In most cases, the push and pull factors are responsible for deriving the motives for immigration individuals moving from their countries of origin into destination ones. Following the advent of economic expansion in the United States, increased immigration flow close to 15% ensured that there is realization of increased labor force. Similarly, changes between the 18th and 19th century were characterized by opportunity costs being lower and therefore translating into immigration rates rising at every instance. It has also been cited that escape from poverty among other personal reasons have been the driving force for immigrants together with natural disasters that can increase the flows. The significant indication has been transfer of people from low-income nations into developed or higher income countries.

Immigration barriers do not exist as legal and political forms alone, but include social and natural elements that are proven more than powerful. When moving into other countries, immigrants leave behind the respective families, support networks, friends, as well as culture and have to assimilate to new environment together with the above aspects. They also meet the demands and expenses of the movement while the uncertainties of gaining employment in the destination countries together with new cultural norms, laws, dialects, possible exclusionary conduct awaits them on the other side. It is therefore not an easy task for any of the involved immigrants given the level of desperation and possible reasons that they have to analyze critically before making the logical step and addressing the idea of moving internationally. The issue of immigration has increased association with other matters of concern such as terrorism and national security.

Economic migrants are individuals who travel from their home country to destination once seeking employment opportunities and a means of addressing improvement to their respective quality of life as well as access to available resources. They are very different from the immigrants who flee their home nations to avoid prosecution, and in most cases are referred to as refugees. Many countries have several restrictions when it comes to prohibiting entry of people with the sole purpose of gaining employment without being accredited the necessary visas showing validity of work. If a person violates their countries immigration laws particularly if they are economic migrants then they are denied the legal entry into the country. Usually, the above steps marks the end of seeking residence in such a nation by the immigrant having tried to follow the official and legal means without looking to break any laws in the process. It raises the need to comprehend various frameworks that address the issue of immigration and possible solutions. Various laws and ethics governing the issue of immigration are left to the discretion of the destination countries and the process of treatment has gained mixed reactions as it is a continuous debate filled with criticism in any setting. Universal laws indicate that no individual should face violation of human rights despite the nature and circumstance of their presence as immigrants in the destination countries. Any form of violation is subject to legal pursuit and the international standards have been met by ongoing crisis in addressing such concerns. Proponents of the immigration debate have always supported the idea that movement of people between countries should be taken as a basic human right without restrictive policies. On the other hand, opponents of the debate aside the issues of complex determinant such as security economic burden and increased terrorism to provide means of regulation and control at both national and international levels.

Economic Impact

The economic effects that immigration creates have been highlighted as the most significant issue affecting different countries towards policy formation and regulation. Consensus has shown that high skilled immigration contributes towards a positive uplifting of the average American’s life. It is supported by the different economic expertise that shoulders the prospective use of immigration laws that can allow free movement from the involved nations. The notion and existence of economic impact suggest that native populations derive improved services and better-produced products from the productivity and input given by immigrant workers while comparing few exceptions that are not fully supported by statistic or held in the opinions of the public. Usually, the latter is attributed to those of dissenting views. The conditions in the destination country provide the strategic setting of employment opportunities to the skilled immigrants who benefit in turn according to quality and standards of living as well as availability of resources.

From a singular point of view, the impact and economic prosperity felt by native shows that the levels are small, but positive. Mixed results taken from statistical inference on natives who exhibit low-skilled elements also provide both positive and negative trends but in smaller manner. In most cases, the immigrants are willing and self-driven to do different types of jobs that the natives might be unwilling. Therefore, the resultant economic prosperity impact is not limited by preference, demand since the natives are choosy, or their availability of employment opportunities indicating that the difference is only statistical and due to the risk associated with them. Competition provided by the immigrants does not have average adverse effects to the wages of native in the differentiation sectors. Instead, the remunerations benefit all consumers on an equal footing suggesting that the net positive effect on input and productivity is driven by the immigrants.

In the global scale, statistics and studies show that elimination of all immigration barriers can provide profound effects to the gross domestic product of the world. The particular research ensures that all provisions that prove necessary to transfer of goods and services from one nation to another are determinants that increase of financial flows to both receiving and sending countries. The doubling effects also affirm probability that investments at the local levels increase with diversity and fractionalization is important to keeping the momentum of economic growth to both nations. The existence of positive relationships between all immigrants from genetic diversities have been responsible for the average income increase offsetting the issues surrounding labor outcomes, overall demands, and pushing of natives into the low skilled manual labor. Therefore the relative input given by immigrants is responsible for greater stability other restrictions and should not be changed in the near future.

Entry-Level Labor

Defenders on the intense position as exhibited by the counter migration laws allude to the passage level work as a wellspring of softening the position on settlers. It has been expressed that on the general premise, workers are wellspring of modest work instead of the selective and special nationals who flood the work showcase. In such manner, they noise for distribution of work allows inside the spans of their law. The settlers on an entire level influence the genuine wages of United States working poor class. Acting like outsiders, the convergence decreases on the wages distributed to the working gathering and additionally bolting out potential representatives from picking up salary. In addition, laborer motivating forces and appropriations as far as administrations are lessened or abrogated all together. Consequently, there is no nature of work and compensation for the nationals in working gatherings because of the foreigners.

Ethnic Chauvinism

The developing worry on migration is named as a Hispanic wonder. It is for the most part connected with the Latin talking countries. There is requirement for their acknowledgment inside the bounds of the nation’s race and racially based personality legislative issues. By accumulating the local rights and powers to the outsiders, defenders guarantee on the value of the elites inside the public through portrayal. The above claim is just called attention to by the level of ethnic pettiness seen among the portrayal. It widens the perspective of migration as a lottery because of the Latin talking settlers and their journey for personality. The above criteria are shameless profoundly as promotion for unlawful movement on such grounds sets an awful priority to other individuals and ethnicities. Limiting it as the earliest reference point is imperative. Legitimate Immigration Legitimateness of migration as endowed on the traditions that must be adhered to is through the three priority. The ideals on migration depends on overstepping the law on passage of the US, current living inside the nation on an illicit premise and having a place with specific ethnic gathering.

Defenders on the assignment of illicit foreigners’ mission for legitimateness point to the nearness and moral adjust as a measure of following the swarming to the forefront approach. In any case, inquiries on convention require elucidation. For instance, Asians, Europeans, Africans, and the rest trail the lawful form of utilization of citizenship. The possibility of holding up of the procedures and legitimate measures not completed by the included unlawful migrants should be a source of concern to any of the involved stakeholders that deal with the complex issue. It is at the national and international level requiring address, which is comprehensive. The due procedure of law that administers the way towards looking at legitimate citizenship is significant in the matter and cannot be underestimated. Thus, all individuals ought to be dealt with in a similar way regardless of their ethnicity. The Law Greater part of the dialog on illicit migration is focused on the spurning of government law. The underlying passage into the US ought to be the standard determinant on lawfulness of the candidates. The advocates of unlawful migration point to the need of distinguishing proof and documentation as far as the lawfulness inside the fringes. Moreover, they weight on legitimacy of the data gave as measure of the pivoted understanding and additionally distinguishing on the onerous idea of the laws as expressed. Nevertheless, restraint is required in deciding the legitimacy.

On the off chance that the settler did not take after conventions in the passage, there is no truthful premise of any data given. It is in this manner judicious to utilize the empowered law in translating the illicitness and consequent making of move of the guilty party. It likewise empowers indispensable counteractive action of resulting wrongdoings, inundation of outsiders inside the nation from the passage point.

Involved Nations

The treatment of Mexico’s exiles raises worries on the legitimacy of unlawful movement. The thought depends on the closeness of the two nations. Support of the demonstrations embraced depend on the measures of settlements empowered from the nation, the putting of being the second-biggest outside trade source worker to the nation and help of participation between the two countries. In any case, the record on the administration from Mexico is at fault in managing the issue of illicit migration. A few episodes of subsidizing, the approaches, and section of medications into the nation and in addition criminal exercises, are negative. The above sources are worth of activity by the legislature in setting up lawfulness of movement with perfect power and measure to battle the bad habit. It helps in sparing cost, avoidance of wrongdoing among other preventable shameful acts.


Neediness has been referred to as the primary driver of unlawful movement into the nation. Aside from the looked for after way of life changes and openings, the settlements numbers from the US into the previous goal nations is dependably on the expansion. Illicit nationals, settlers, and outsiders at that point confront the extreme assignment of living inside the gauges of the goal nation while dispatching back cash to their nations of origin. Therefore, the obligation of the holes created in help of the expatriates is looked by the nationals to the tune of a few billion dollars on yearly premise. The ruined nature causes a strain on the general money related execution of the nation, consequently making an exacerbated economy. The legislature should try to kill the training all together for responsibility and enhancing the lives of legitimate natives.


Immigration provides a basis of discrimination especially where the immigrants face uncertainty in expressional behavior from the natives. In the United States, the trend has been prevalent especially from establishments that go back to civil rights movements in the country. Usually, immigrants are not taken with positive affirmations as they are taken as probable replacers of the natives on issues such as employment and welfare. It is also increased if the immigrant is a highly skilled individual coupled with certification to show the potential that they can deliver in the native country. Apart from the struggles realized in segregation and systemic discrimination, prejudice is a real issue affecting both legal and illegal immigrants in the country. They are usually attached to have negative effects towards education, housing, labor markets, criminal justice system, and durability of business ventures across the country. The differentiated levels between Europe and United States show distinct disparity as Europe has fractionalized results.


Propagation of crime has long been held as a preserve of the immigrants in the United States owing to the facts of causal relationship between limitations and weak instruments for determining the control. A growing literature enablement has been delivered showing that immigrants provide the highest number of crime and crime-related incidents across the country while providing a hard time for the law enforcers to maintain power. It is increased where the involvement of ethnic association and negative trends are portrayed with violence and mixed issues affecting properties. The findings have also been relevant in indicating that illegal immigrants are not distinctively far from the same association to crime rates as the legal ones. Amnesty programs in the country failed to explain in clarity where crime is connected with immigration since the greater opportunities provided by the job markets are not only available to the natives but also the immigrants. Security Following the events of September 11 2001, terrorism and security have been nominated as the most important priorities when it comes to immigration into the United States. Acts of insecurity and terrorist activities have always been put as the fundamental restrictions and legitimate application of stringent laws safeguarding the country from illegal entry by aliens from their countries of origin. The prime need to defend borders and assure the citizens of the country of their security is a preserve of the administration and all policies are geared towards maintaining the concerns. With the incidence rate to insecurity and terrorist activities, it is therefore generalized as an affirmation on the reasons why immigration is curbed with such ferocity and publicity accorded to the involved persons. Evidence from empirical studies and research basis show that reforms and all manner of control should not be associated entirely to integration are some of the widespread cases are also from the natives.

Welfare Academic literature expresses mixed reactions and findings when it comes to the welfare distribution as an impact of immigration in the world. It has been stated that increased immigration leads to heightened rates of inequality since their destination countries benefit from their skilled immigrants. It consequently lives the nations of origin in words of states especially if they are faced by issues at and natural disasters and calamities that are fabricated. The economic footprint associated with immigration creates and imbalance especially where there is the trade factor and generalization of poverty levels among the sending countries. The fiscal results show the growing tendencies of marginalization as well as overall financial depletion from the selling countries in comparison to overall economic prosperity in the destination countries. Another aspect of welfare affected by the impact of immigration is loss of quality in all the institutions. Once the immigrants have settled into the destination country, they are reliable to enjoy and demand services that are available just like the citizens. In this regard, institutions like health, education, housing, and social capital are all involved in the attainment of welfare across board. By virtue of demanding the same attribution, there is a general feeling that the quality is lowered since the immigrants do not conform to the exhibited indications as compared to the natives or legal citizens. In some cases, the issues of housing and social capital are lowered given that they are able to meet higher wages in distribution therefore leading to reduced demand for the services. Over a given period, the institutions are faced by a growing influx and maintaining the same standards is a harder task.


Unlawful movement from home nations into destination countries is corrupt in the public. It includes development of individuals from over the national outskirts in a way that is in opposition to build up movement laws particularly when the nation of choice does not comply with the procedures. It influences compensation in the section level work, builds ethnic bullheadedness, puts down the measures of legitimate migration, violates the law, causes a strain on the relations with respective countries, is advanced, and keeps up destitution levels. Consequently, the host nation bears the battle of the residents while managing wrongdoing, indecencies, closed-mindedness and credited sick in the public like imbalance. Unlawful movement ought to be addresses by solidified laws and use of expert analysis to be on the right side of international laws without disregarding any human rights issues.

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