The Process of Baptism: Meaning and Steps

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Table of Contents

  • Accepting Jesus in Your Life
  • Believing
  • Water Baptism
  • The Two Steps
  • Conclusion

Accepting Jesus in Your Life

It may be hard to have faith, and trust that everything in the Bible is true for some individuals. The Bible is the only truth that I know, God never leaves me, and he always loves me. As a Christian, I choose to accept Jesus in my life and believe that the son of God came to earth, bled and died on the cross, and rose again on the third day. After accepting Christ as your Savior, most choose to get baptized, so they talk to a preacher, find a place, and set a date. To get baptized, there must be followed.

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To be eligible is to hear the word of Christ’s and receive him into your life. To do this, you must believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died for our sins. We must also believe that he rose again on the third and appointed day. After believing in your heart, you must confess it with thine mouth. Do not be ashamed to witness to others how you called on his holy name, ask for forgiveness and he is faithful and simply to forgive all.

Water Baptism

The second step consists of following Jesus Christ example through water baptism. First have a man of God, for example, a preacher or pastor, find a baptism pool or place deep enough to where you can be fully submerged under the water. Usually, this step is done or can be helped by the congregation that you wish to join. After finding the water source you wish to use the preacher and you should decide on a date that is good for everyone. Then invite whomever you choose to attend including family, friends, loved ones, the congregation, and anyone else.

The Two Steps

Baptism has two steps when it comes to the actual day. The first step is when the pastor takes you under the water and he baptizes you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Being underwater means that the old creature has died and is buried. The old sin nature is dead and buried, never to sin again. This is a symbolic gesture, showing that we now walk with Christ in the newness of life free from all sin, because something dead can no longer sin. After going under the water in the name of the father, son, and holy ghost, you come back up a new creature in Christ Jesus. Coming up out of the water represents how Jesus rose from the dead. This step is done to show that the old things are passed away, therefore, all things are new to us. We are now citizens of Heaven, with an eternal inheritance. As a new creature, we now walk by faith and not sight.


The process of baptism is an important, and symbolic ordinance. As Christians we believe that we are baptized into Jesus Christ’s death, we also believe that we are buried with him in baptism, and we are raised with him from the dead which now saves us by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most Christians choose to be baptized after receiving Christ because Jesus chooses to get baptized. First, you must believe and call on Christ to come into your life, then be a witness and tell others that Christ Jesus saved your soul. After that, you need to talk to a preacher and fully understand why these steps are taken. Next talk to the preacher and start working with the church’s congregation and pastor to find a place and set a date. Lastly, go to the place, get in the water, when you go under the water it represents a how the old nature has changed, then as you come back up, you are now a new creature. There is a process to getting baptized and starting a new chapter in life.

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