The Process of Enlightenment in The Matrix Movie

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Depersonalization, the feeling that you are always trapped in a dream, one may think that they have a full grip on “reality”: but how do you decipher between reality and a forged reality. The matrix is a captivating Sifi that seems to break the boundaries of what we as humans see today. In the movie Thomas Anderson or as he is known in the computer world Neo finds himself to be perplexed unable to depict the difference between his dream world and so called reality. This all changes when he is contacted by an unknown user via his computer. He is propelled into an unfamiliar world which to him the conception of this is so abstract that he doesn 't want to believe. Morpheus the baron of the unfamiliar world “The Matrix” gives Neo an opportunity to discover a new and more real world. Through this decision Neo will never see the world as he sees it now, ever again. Neo is not just some ordinary person. Morpheus believes that Neo may be the one that could save their world from the Agents: that want nothing more than to destroy their world and everything that encompasses it. With Morpheus 's help Neo will reach the absolute enlightenment he needs to become the one they need to save their world. Likewise to this the famous story of the great philosopher Plato’s The Allegory of The Cave. Three prisoners are shackled in a cave held prisoner to the preconceived thoughts of their own minds. All they are able to see of the unclear shadows being cast on the wall in front of them. Until one day one of the prisoners is freed of his shackles and drug from the darkness of the cave to the light of the truth. Through the pain of the light the prisoner finds the full truth. Plato wrote this story because he saw the ignorance of people unwilling to see anything than what is right in front of them. The Matrix and The Allegory of the Cave accurately correlate as well as differentiate the ideas of the light, the prisoners and the process of enlightenment.

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The Matrix and The Allegory of the cave are very similar in the way they depict the light. Thing he has ever known was a lie. However once he saw matrix he could never go back to believing what he had known before. As for the Allegory of the cave the light is what hurt the prisoner 's eyes and made it difficult for him to see. What is meant by difficult to see is how the prisoner not wanting to believe where he had been living was not real. This compares to the matrix once he saw the light outside the cave the prisoner can 't believe in what is in the cave anymore. However they also have differences. Such as in the Matrix Morpheus helps Neo to see the light by forcing him into different situations. In the Allegory the prisoner finds himself unshackled and stumbles out of the cave. Which is different because the prisoner doesn’t have the help of anyone he finds the light on his own. In the film the matrix the light as referred to in the Allegory of the cave is known as the matrix. This is what Morpheus is trying to get Neo to see. Neo finds this impossible to believe at first: knowing that everything he had ever known was a lie. However once he had seen the matrix he could never go back to believing what he had known before. As for the Allegory of the cave the light is what hurt the prisoner 's eyes and made it difficult for him to see. What is meant by difficult to see is the prisoner can 't believe what he is seeing and at first doesn 't want to believe that what he had seen his whole life was not real. This compares to the matrix because once the prisoner saw the light (or reality) he could never go back to believing what is in the cave. However they also have differences but there are very few. Such as in in the matrix Morpheus helps neo to see the light by forcing him into different situations to make him believe. In The Allegory of the Cave the prisoner finds himself unshackled and stumbles out of the cave willingly. This is different because the prisoner had no help finding his way to the light as Neo had had Morpheus.

Moving on to my next point, the prisoners. In the matrix the prisoners are all of the people that dwell inside the computer generated program, including Neo. In comparison to that the three men shackled in the cave are the prisoners in the Allegory of the cave. Likewise to one another the three prisoners represent society and how they are so caught up in what they think they know rather than trying to discover what they don 't know. Without regards there are differences between the two. Is the prisoners of the cave have accepted what they have been seeing on the cave wall, and believed nothing but that. Neo has lived his life with a feeling that there was something else out there but just needed the push to find it.

Following that is the Process of enlightenment. Neo’s process of enlightenment was brought forth to him through a “dream” where he had been abducted by the agents. Soon after Neo is taken to meet with Morpheus the leader of the rebellion group. This is where neo makes the decision to take the red pill and go back to living his normal life, or take the blue pill and experience something he could never dream of. Neo took his well-being into his own hands and took the blue pill forever changing his life. He then woke up to find himself encapsulated in a jelly like substance and suspended hundreds of feet in the air. After Morpheus had elucidated the matrix to Neo, neo then had to go back into the computer generated world to reach full enlightenment. In the Allegory of the cave the prisoner finds his way out of the cave unable to see anything because of how bright it is. He experiences a mass of different things he had never seen before. And the prisoner was so excited to go tell the others in the cave of his findings. He told them and he thought they would believe, but they rejected him. This is where he reached full enlightenment, after he found it he went back into the dark then back into the light. They are similar in the idea to find enlightenment you must first find the light then go back to that grimace world to become fully enlightened. They see the place they lived their whole life and see everything how it really is. However there is a difference in their journey of the two “prisoners”. In Neo’s journey he needed the help find the matrix, and that help was Morpheus. Morpheus led him down the path encouraging him to take the next step and become more enlightened. Whereas the prisoner from the Allegory made his journey unaccompanied and found self enlightenment.

Through the cave, the prisoners, and the process of enlightenment the two stories correlate so well as well as differentiate. With this the thought that our world could possibly be fake or controlled by anyone but ourselves is a crazy and unsettling thought.

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