The Process of Product Design in Coca Cola

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The Process Of Product Design in Coca Cola

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Value is created by product, as when they have been developed and when they are marketed, they add to sales revenue and profit margin. The process of product design frequently contains guessing out what is essential, thinking imaginable concepts, making artificial models, and then producing the product. However, the effectiveness of the product design process is identified through the marketing. The process of product design usually consists of three key features that call analysis, concept and synthesis. Under the analyze stage all the companies start from the research. Based on the analysis they gather usual and specific information of the product and it design. Accordingly, those information is used to build a concept by addressing the issues and it became as factors in the interior which the novel design should be built. Finally, designers build a design to address all the problems and it will introduce to the market.

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With reference to the coca cola product design process, it mostly uses the customer response to analyze the information. Costumers always give indications to produce a novel product or product design. Accordingly, consumer originates that most of the holiday seasons they want to purchase bulk quantity to satisfy their consumption or used by their workshops. As a result, the coca cola has designed a product which is lighter and easy to take away. The new product design has been introduced as POPCOKE and formed of massive bottle or can into the capsule method. The coca cola discriminates the coca cola form by using not the same shape as shown as below. In this case, when the “POPCOKE” come across water, it will straight soften in the water. The coca cola just giving the customer extra collections to select and meet the customer request.

Additionally, the coca has targeted the customer based on the age. Accordingly, it has implemented the design the product which has dissimilar sketch such as usual pill form, stars and ball in order to entice the youths. That is the object it designs its product with the different shape based on studying of the characteristic of the new generation. It also suitable use in a party of any self- service restaurant which can reduce their cost and also environmental friendly.

Additionally, the coca cola always tries to introduce red color products as the end consumers are more interesting for it.

For an operative supply chain, the place decisions for a capability may be the utmost important and most challenging decisions. Modification in customer demands, transport fee or element values will subject to change based on the location of a facility. In the case of coca cola, most of the plants are located water-rich areas. Therefore it is help to produce the soft drink in easily without any difficulties. The water is one of main component for the production of coca cola, and the location in water rich areas always give advantage to the business

Layout design is a vital method that a business cannot lose it. Layout designing is the preparation and prearrangement of all procedures about the machineries, utensils, workplaces, purchaser facility, and inventory storing areas, passageways, offices and PC rooms inside a capacity. This let a company to perform it operations efficiently and it helps to improve the quality of the goods as well. Coca Cola is fallowing the uniform procedure for manufacture which produces a big quantity of variance types of liquid refreshment. Accordingly, the coca cola layout design can be shown as bellow; Component Transfer, Wash and Cleaning, Fraternization and Mixing, Filling, Capping, Tagging, Coding, Examination, Packing, storing and distribution.

First it requires making all the materials and ingredients in component department. When all the materials are making totally, transfer it to the washing and cleaning department to wash and cleaning the element by hydro wash to confirm all the element are clean and fresh. Then next step is the fraternization and mixing department, blending and mixing all the materials such as sugar, CO2 and include other secret formula. And next, it transfer to tableting section to heating pad all the answer into capsule method. Then is the cylinder type bottle manufacture, primary capping the flask and then tagging the coca cola trademark and it sent to the examination to check the quality of the product. After checking it is ready for delivery to the customer and it is kept in a warehouse until the demand is received.

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