The Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones

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  • Introduction
  • Pros of Cell Phones and Mobile Communication
  • The Unspoken Side and Cons of the World of Cell Phones
  • Conclusion


In this era of science and technology, mobile phone plays a important part in our lives. It would be unusual to find anyone between the ages of 13 and 50 who does not own a mobile phone. It is one of the most useful inventions or device off all times and it has brought us a lot of advantages but also has it own dark side. It brings us comfort but also it will damaged us if we used in a wrong way. We should have a right measurement to prevent it.

Pros of Cell Phones and Mobile Communication

We cannot deny that mobile phone has brought a lot of positive development in today world. Moreover, the existence of the Internet make life much more easier and comfort. With just a single click we will obtain any information we want. It enables us to gain access to a wealth information. Information from various fields such as business, education, and entertainment from all around the world is not only easily obtainable but most of it is also free of charge. In education, it is a very powerful tool for students to complete their assignments or projects. In other words, it helps students’ learning. Typing just a single word in a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! and a whole host of information appears before our eyes. It will save time for them to search information needed than browsing through piles of books that will take hours.

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Mobile phone also taken communication to another level. It has helped save time. Messages can be sent and received in a jiffy in the comfort of our homes. Within seconds, our messages are sent across the globe. Relying on a snail mail which takes a good few weeks to reach the other side of world is a thing of the past. We also can direct call people whenever or wherever they are especially if you are far apart from your loved one and missing them. The corporate world too has also resorted to the use of mobile phone such as video conferencing to negotiate business deals and transactions. There also a lot of online shops which you can buy items and delivered it to your door step. All the process from choosing until paying are online. You just waited for the item to delivered to you. It was very convenience as you just wait at home and no need to go to physical shop for shopping.

Apart from that, mobile phone also plays major role in the field of entertainment. We can play songs, watch videos, and even play games with it. We can entertain ourselves by just using it. On top of that, we can also download films and watch them on mobile phone instead of going through the hassle of going to the cinema.

Other than that, mobile phone also acts as a recording device. You can record whatever you want with the device. This is very convenient especially for journalist and student as they need to record or jot down important points they heard and saw. For example, if student does not have enough time to jot down what the tutor or lecturer said or teach, they can record it with their mobile phone as long as their lecturer give permission to them. Then they can referred to the picture or video when they are at home. For journalist they can used when they are at press or site. As they work for reporting whatever they heard and saw, having mobile phone as recording device is very convenient for them. They no need to bring other recording device as their personal phone can be recording device.

The Unspoken Side and Cons of the World of Cell Phones

Even as we pleased by mobile phone, there also a dark side to it that we must remember. The likehood of people misusing mobile phone is high. The users of mobile phone are the biggest Internet user. In Internet, there are sheer amount of information that people are exposed to has its own dangers. There is a lot of misinformation and undesirable elements like pornography will floating around. By mobile phone, people can manipulate the truth or gossip and be a rumour-mangering. What is worse is that this information can also be disseminated to almost everybody with little or no control. The user can also get access to all sorts of information, wheither it good or bad. Excessive information without any control or filter is just as detrimental to the psyche as complete ignorance. For example, people may try to self-medicated based on the information they get without refer to the specialist.

Next, there comes eye problems due to stare to mobile phone screens for hours at time. When you using mobile phone, your eyes have to focus and refocus all the time. Your eyes react to changing images on the screen to create so your brain can process what you are seeing. All these jobs require a lot of effort from your eyes muscle. It will strain and weakened the eyes. For long time effect you will have eye problems. Thus you have to wear glasses to correct your vision. For people who already wore glasses, it will probably increase the power of their glasses. It was very inconvenient to wear glasses as you have to wear it all the times to see. To prevent eye sickness, limit the time for using mobile phone. Use it when you need only. No need to use it when you are bored because you can do anything other than using mobile phone.

Children nowadays are more exposed to the technology. When we go to public areas or any gathering, we will see kids on mobile phones playing games. This is the result as some of parents giving their fussy kids mobile phone to stop them from playing around and make them behaved. When they start play games, there are no end to it. They will start addicted to play games whenever they want. Some of them may easily influenced by what they see and do on the mobile phone and are not mature enough to weigh what is right and what is good. This unfortunately may lead them to practice harmful or violent behavior in real life. For this case, parents shall play active roles to prevent their kids from addicted to play games. Limit the usage of mobile phone and watch what they play will works. Do not give them whenever they whinning to play it. Be as firmly as possible for better future for them.

Due to mobile phone addiction, time spend for family is affected. They choose to play with their mobile phone instead spend time with family. It will affected family institute as they not interacted with each other. Families can and have broken up due to this addiction. Besides, mobile phone has potential to distract students from their studies. For example, students spend hours to play game or surfing through mobile phone that it take their time for studies. Then they have no time to study or make revision. To prevent this, they should make time table and follow it. Instead of blaming mobile phone, they should learn and apply time management. This will ensure that they are not spend too much time using mobile phone.

Next, over spending to buy trendy and up-to-date mobile phone. Having trendy and up-to-date is wasted because all mobile phone function same like others. For example, people like to have Apple brand because it is established and famous brand. They willing to spend money just to have iPhone. Even though iPhone is just same like any other brands. It function same like Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo that offer mobile phone way cheaper. People with this mindset will have a financial problems as they did not know how to manage their finance properly.


In conclusion, it is undeniable that the mobile phone bring us many advantages. It is marvelous creation that has paved the way for progress. Let us not point our finger at mobile phone for the very few negative aspects that come with the package. Instead, we should make full use of the mobile phone to benefit mankind. If we use it in a good way then we will get benefit from it, but if we used it in wrong way then we will get nothing but harm.

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