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The Pros and Cons of Personal Interviews in Recruitment

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The EAL Technologies company has decided to recruit 150 of the company’s 600 manufacturing employees due to the retirements. The target group of this recruitment is those who have received professional technical knowledge training and are skilled in operating robots. At the same time, in order to meet the company’s diversified cultural background. The recruitment will also recruit minority and women to improve the company’s social image and maintain the positive reputation of the company. Since diversity issues are widespread among tech companies (fewer women, African Americans, and Latinos, ). But EAL wants to make some difference on this. This memo is focusing on addressing the ultimate importance of firms setting recruitment guideline by denitrified the pros and cons of personal interviews. The final version will be discussed in depth in future Interview plan.


Human resource assessment is a kind of technical management work with a variety of contents and methods. To do a good job in human resources evaluation in order to hire the best-fit person, the EAL needs to have a proper grasp of the basic content and main methods of both personal interviews and other assessments test of candidates. Moreover, the organization should select suitable recruitment channels according to EAL characteristics, and no matter which method is used to measure, it should comply with five basic standards: reliability, validity, universal applicability, utility, and legality.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviewing

Personnel interview selection techniques mainly include assessment of knowledge and skills, achievement tests, psychological test, and assessment center, which are most used and widely used at each company in a present day.


  • Allow close contact with each candidate. Face-to-face interviews can focus on their body language and eye contact. Most importantly, it enables HR to have a more direct understanding of a candidate’s emotional control, temperament, personality, etc. This is more effective than any other interview format.
  • Time control. The candidate should be able to master time (this can not only show the candidate’s adaptability but also let the HR has the ability to capture the candidate’s observation, attention, memory, imagination, language, creativity, thinking ability, etc. ), which are the basic ability categories.
  • Disadvantages:

    • Candidates may be able to search the Internet for rehearsed answers or manage their own personal style.
    • Pressure can throw some candidates off track.
    • Waste of time (time costs are too high, especially for the large number of people that EAL needs to rehire).

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Assessments

    On the other hand, the assessments to test technical knowledge can deliver the most accurate data on predictive validation, concurrent validation, and content validity.


    • Measurement of techniques skills. Measuring required skill during the work and setting difficulty levels relative to EAL’s manufacture robot model. By doing so, can makes it easier to judge the skill level of each candidate.
    • Save time. HR can quickly test all candidates and obtain quantifiable objective data to find the relatively best candidate.
    • Reduce the risk of recruitment. Technicians can have a profound impact on productivity and corporate profitability. If a candidate doesn’t have the skills to actually work with a robot, it can be very costly for the company.


    • It’s difficult to read the candidate’s body language and eye contact.
    • Building rapport through a skill test is difficult.
    • It is impossible to fully understand whether the candidate’s personality meets the company’s needs or whether it conforms to the company’s corporate culture.


    The pros and cons of personal interviews and other assessments of candidates have many different influences for the company, however, there is one thing in common, which is both methods will cost money. Because of a large amount of time and personnel required, when assessing whether a candidate is suitable for a job or is competent for a position, not only the skills or personality should be considered, but also the ability, potential and future performance of the candidate should be predicted. Evaluate each participant’s strengths and weaknesses to lay the foundation for future recruitment training.


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