The Protests LED by Mahatma Gandhi Against Salt Laws

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I woke up one beautiful Saturday morning thinking “What was Gandhi going to get himself into this time.” When I started driving in my red honda to fox 5 news, to work I saw Gandhi. Of course, gathering up people wanting to start a protest. So once I got to work I immediately told the lazy staff and we headed out to do a descriptive report on his beliefs and actions to help his culture. We soon realized he was trying to peacefully break a law which was to lead people to the sea and collect salt. This action Openly defied Britain’s tax on salt in India, I knew that as soon as the cops came.

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As soon as they saw Gandhi’s acts they started to try to get a hold of him. Though I had to start the report because it was nearing at 5 p.m. So I started, then all the good stuff happened like Gandhi tried running even faster to the sea, but I had to do a report. These were my lines “ Good afternoon everyone I’m reporting live from the sea because once again Gandhi is trying to form yet again another protest, but who cares. Were just ready to see Gandhi try to protest peacefully” Then the rest got wasted and there was a commercial.

Soon after Gandi picked up salt, and the Sherrif said “ Go cuff him, and you, file the arrest. For the rest of you, leave now” He said that in a deep voice and with him scratching his dirty beard. Once the cops left with Gandhi everyone went from peaceful to angry and furious. They also threw stuff at the police cars, like rolls of paper and tomatoes. Sadly the farmer selling tomatoes got robbed. Everyone took his tomatoes. People were as brave as a lion. Everyone went to Gandhi’s court date and, it got announced that he was sentenced 6 years of jail time. Of course, everyone was peaceful near Gandhi. At least Gandhi was still happy that he protested for good laws and not ones that make his culture suffer, in poverty.

When Gandhi went to jail we went as sneakily as a mouse, to interview him. The one thing he said to his fellow Indians was “Continue to break the salt laws.” As soon as he said that we got caught by a guard and we ran away. That could’ve been a new news report “running from cops.” When we got up the next morning Gandhi was released from jail because he had poor health. Soon after the police saw the news they arrested Gandhi again and thousands more. I saw something in a public restroom. Then we saw Gandhi had written a letter to Lord Irwin. In the letter, Gandhi respectfully detailed discrepancies between Lord Irwin’s pay and the pay most Indians could expect to receive from a day’s work.

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