The Psychological Nature of Hamlet

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 Even in contemporary society the ability to point out someone with a mental illness requires an acute mind. Mental illnesses can most definitely vary as well, ranging from psychotic and personality disorders. Within the text of Hamlet, the protagonist Hamlet exhibits traits that would deem him a psychopath due to his manipulative nature, apathetic ways, and tendency to lie. The psychological nature of Hamlet consequently affects how he decides to maneuver socially.

The manipulative nature of Hamlet comes to the light within the passage. Hamlet has had one goal in mind, which is to find out who killed his father. Due to an inability to kill Cladius his mother’s new lover himself, who was said by the ghost to have killed his father, he intends to manipulate others until the truth is revealed. Intending on “Speaking daggers to her but use none. My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites. How in my worlds somever she be shent. To give them seals never, my soul, consent!”.Taking this into account, one would be able to understand his intention to inquire guilt within his mother, concerning her new marriage on account of the death of his father. Hamlet is also ready and able to be romantically manipulative as well. Willingly, Hamlet tells Ophelia the following;”you should not have believed me.”Understanding that Hamlet told Ophelia this concerning his attempt to make her fall in love with him, one can come to the conclusion that he’s not only tricked her in the past, but is willing to try and make her believe that it was her fault. These are common acts of a person suffering from psychopathy.

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Hamlet is demonstrated to be a psychopath as seen through his ability to not show regret. Hamlet is displayed in and within the text to begin fighting with his mother. In an interrogative tone, Hamlet says to his mother “Come, come, and sit you down. You shall not budge.” After taking the fact that his mother had to deal with a very much recent loss into consideration, one would be able to understand how Hamlet’s psychological state comes into play here. The hostility however does not end there. Hamlet says the following to his other after her mention of a bloody deed;”A bloody deed, almost as bad good Mother, as kill a king, and marry with his brother.” Understanding that Hamlet is continuously implying the worst case scenario leads to the right conclusion. It’s very common in sociopaths to have no decency or any kind of reverence when it comes to the most serious of things.

The tendency to lie frequently, is yet another one of Hamlet’s psychopathically related traits. Hamlet’s inability to display honesty. Ophelia being a victim of this habitual liar makes it clear that she “was the more deceived” .Taking into account how Hamlet went out of his way to make her believe that he was in love with her, it is easy to understand that Hamlet is quick to disturb someone else’s reality with his lies. 

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