The Psychology of Harry Potter

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The Psychology of Harry Potter edited by Neil Mulholland investigates the world of Harry Potter. A variety of professors speak on the psychological theories of the wizarding world. Psychology professors contributed their time to connect various theories to the events that took place in Harry Potter’s world.They looked into the aspects of Harry's life that can reflect on our everyday situations or choices. One of the main arguments in this book is child development.

That creativity and curiosity are often involved in the development of a mentally stable child.Teachers that emphasize on creative problem solving techniques allows children to approach creative ways of problem solving. Divergent and convergent thinking helps approach problems in a particular way. Which leads to critical thinking and making the right judgement call. Intergroup conflict leads to our chosen group of friends defining us.

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Groups are created structures that create conflicts with other groups.’’Direct contact with conflicting groups cause stereotypes,discrimination, and prejudice (35)’’. Schools in America were once segregated and because of this discrimination was more eminent. Politicians and school admin believed that increasing contact between different ethnic and racial backgrounds will decrease discriminatory behavior. Curriculum provides professional training.

Students getting instruction they need to make it in the real world but at Hogwarts in the magical world.It's mostly talking about how we provide students with a base to make it in the real world. It gives us a structure to succeed in life especially if we have positive peers around us. This book is full of surprises and very thought provoking. This book relates to psychology by giving compatible answers to the life of Harry Potter. It gave us answers and reasons to which events and emotions led to the ending.

Many professors had different opinions on Harry and the life at Hogwarts. The book made arguments well. Some professors were contradictory other opinions I didn't agree with. They backed up their opinions with quotes from the book. I learned that psychology has a lot to do with feelings and thoughts.You have to really ask yourself questions to go in depth with your opinions. I think that when you read someone else's opinions on a matter it broadens your spectrum to think outside the box. Many peoples opinions may not be right but it helps you look at it from a different point of view. While reading this book I learned that everyone comes from different circumstances but if you express it in a positive way it can benefit you in the long run.

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