The Purpose of Art in My Life


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The question of what art is persuading the world and human life has occupied the human mind from the earliest eras and in various places. When I think of art the sudden response of my soul is the mysterious spectacle of a lifetime. Nevertheless, I was initially attracted to raise so much knowledge by research through philosophy, psychology, and science researchers, but also through mythological poetry. I am exhausted by the thirst for learning the secrets of the past and discovering new dependence from higher powers of Art. I am as an animal desire to secure my space in the world and the path on which the answer to this question. This needs much more independence and I have been attracted to the opportunity to have the right to this individual particle of energy by name of “Art”.

Throughout history our human nations have continuously developed theological speculations over time, trying to achieve a broader picture of the origin and structure of process abound mining of art practice so what is art or what is life, what is the mining of human being. Some unknown beauty around us in life is beautiful and harmonious, and it gives you thrill and delight to look at the blossoming flowers, and inside us, initial sound like a music box vibrating a melody of happiness, is not obvious surround audience, we hear it with some other organ originally laid in us on a subconscious level.

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What is art mean to me? This is the love. This means that it cannot be a fundamental instinct at all, not in love with this love image. Indeed, requires a sharp eye and a master’s hand fit. Indeed, is all that is needed to make it all connected with the life of consciousness spectacle, entertainment, the investigation requires from the artist not only a talent for eyes and hands but also of nature of their visible eyes and have a great mind and soul. Because everything in life is beautiful and harmonious, and this space is filled with positive inertia through non-vision, the channels of the thread united by your body and consciousness mind make you fill up all the dryness with great pleasure and happiness. Watching fragrant flowers blooming or looking at a good theatrical performance or plunging into the search for an artist on his canvas, we also join in the production of a positive substance of life, inside as it starts to sound like a music box vibrating a melody of happiness. It is not obvious to surround the audience, we hear the melody with an unidentified another organ originally laid in us on a subconscious level by the nature of life.

“The artist speak a tongue that has become foreign to the rest of us, to our culture, containing what is hidden, secret, denied, and dissociated and trying with more or less desperation to reveal the symbol of the vital sign to our society”.( Sandra L.Bloom,1997 p.253)Art the only space one can thrill without boundaries or limitations. It is simply formed by mystery itself a triumph. The mysterious wonderland of human consciousness in another dimension somehow glorious and incessant creation by spirits constructing geniuses. Inspire by the consciousness artists continue to manifest itself supremely and expressing it with simple sympathy and passion. To whatever age belong they are surprisingly victorious of their predictions of their exploiters. That destiny brings joy to you through emotions, thought and it will become through into the marks, color, composition, component. 

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